5 Things to Know Today, Wednesday, Oct. 24

Here's Five Things.

Tropical Storm May Hit New England Early Next Week: Remember that snowstorm that dumped snow and left large areas without power for days last October?  Well, get ready for another potential Halloween storm. This time it likely won't bring snow to New England, but it could bring heavy rain and damaging wind early next week.

Weather: Mostly sunny skies are expected today with highs around 60 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Similar weather is expected tomorrow.

Medford Fire Lieutenant on Paid Leave After Alleged Assault: A Medford firefighter is on paid leave after he was arrested for allegedly beating an acquaintance with a pair of electrical pliers, according to city officials and police reports. Fire Lt. Paul Spencer, 56, faces charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery after an incident at a Howard Road home on Oct. 14 that left another man with a bloody head wound and unable to move his fingers, according to a Medford police report. Fire Chief Frank Giliberti placed Spencer on paid leave last week when the charges came to light, Giliberti said Monday. Spencer had not faced any disciplinary action from the department as of Monday afternoon, Giliberti said. "I don’t have all the facts yet," he said. "That’s what I’m doing right now -- I’m collecting the facts."

Romney or Obama: Who Won The Final Presidential Debate?: Massachusetts Republicans and Democrats both expressed confidence in their candidates after the final presidential debate, with Republicans citing Gov. Mitt Romney projecting an image of a "capable Commander-in-Chief" and Democrats citing President Barack Obama's line about the military having "fewer horses and bayonets" as standout moments: that's the major finding of the Red and Blue Commonwealth flash polls sent out to local politicos immediately after the debate ended on Monday night.

Medford Reduces Seating Requirement in Liquor License Ordinance: More restaurants are now eligible for liquor licenses in Medford, but a new ordinance hasn't caused of flood of applications. The ordinance change, approved by Governor Deval Patrick last month, reduces the required number of seats at a restaurant seeking a full liquor license from 99 to 50. City Councilor Paul Camuso oversaw the ordinance changes in serving as the chairman of the council's licensing board. The ordinance change aims at making Medford a more appealing location for restauranteurs, Camuso said in a phone interview last week. "I think it will help us bring in quality businesses," Camuso said. "That’s really the whole point of this."


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