'Fast 14' Highway Project Gets National Recognition

Project recognized by engineering council.

The following is a press release submitted by Dewberry, a design and construction firm:

The American Council of Engineering Companies recently recognized the U.S. I-93 Fast 14 rapid bridge replacement project with a national honor award and the Grand Conceptor Award from ACEC of Massachusetts. The national panel of 28 judges representing construction, government, media, and academia selected award recipients based on uniqueness and originality, technical complexity, social and economic value, and public awareness.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Fast 14 project replaced 14 deteriorated bridges in Medford, Massachusetts, during 10, 55-hour weekends. This $98 million project was completed by a joint venture team of J.F. White Contracting and Kiewit Corporation who employed an innovative approach utilizing precast modular units to replace the superstructures.

As a subconsultant to lead designer TetraTech, Dewberry was responsible for four of the 14 bridge superstructure replacements at the core of the project along a high-volume section of I-93.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood stated that the project “demonstrated perfectly the ability of American innovation to respond to transportation challenges….America is ready, willing, and able to dream big, and build big.”

About ACEC

The American Council of Engineering Companies' membership includes 5,000 firms representing more than 500,000 employees throughout the country – are engaged in a wide range of engineering works that propel the nation's economy, and enhance and safeguard America's quality of life. These works allow Americans to drink clean water, enjoy a healthy life, take advantage of new technologies, and travel safely and efficiently. The Council's mission is to contribute to America's prosperity and welfare by advancing the business interests of member firms.

ella watson July 24, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Mayor McGlynn...Thanks for NOT taking the time to mitigate for unexpected damages to Medford Home Owners before the bridges went in. That the Mayors job..no-one else's job. Did he Mitigate for damages..nooooooooo. What the Mayor mitigation got us was a BBQ for the seniors, for putting up with the Pollution,(workers were wearing masks and ear plugs) Noise and Blaring Lights. What were the senior suppose to do...Hold their breath...no they had no-choice. The Mayor also got Webster street sidewalks done. Leaving absolutely no parking anywhere for parents to park to watch kids games. A Gravel for a boat launch on the Mystic River near Hormel and for a $ 60,000.00 dog park( Animal Control can't handle what he deals with now).(illegal Roosters for those that have Chickens, Beavers in Lawrence Estate area and Rats in the Dexter street area of South Medford) built behind the McGlynn Schools. Billions of dollars paid to Whites..plus Millions of dollar bonuses for early completion. WOW....Look what we got in comparison...This is why I People are saying the Mayor is clueless when it comes to what the citizens real needs are. But as you can see..people are talking...Hummmmm
Frank Mulligan July 25, 2012 at 12:45 PM
Ela you know as well as, I do. Michael does what he want's to do. When will the CITIZEN"S of Medford wake - Up and REALIZE IT. Medford would like to get a lot of THINGS done.The problem they DON"T have the $$$$$$$. Medford just DOES"NT have enough people working to pull in more $$$$$ for them. It will COST. Good Luck Citizen"s.
jay f July 25, 2012 at 02:32 PM
The state did what they had to do. Fix the bridges. The Mayor should have protected the citizens and thought of the implications of the construction. He didn't. Is anyone surprised?
ella watson July 25, 2012 at 02:58 PM
Frank And Jay.. Keep TheTruth Coming...As Far as the Mayor Doing what He wants..May Soon Be The Thing of the Past. The More We Talk To People The More We Hear Them Say, " I Didn't Know That " ..and When We Ask. Now That You Know..What do you "Think?".... THE responses have been,,,,,"I Think It Sucks" We Must keep The Topics That are Important ..In The Public Eyes. The More people I Meet, The More Info I'm Getting About Their Fears.. and Lack Of Confidence In The Mayor turning Medford In the right direction. One Woman (south medford area) said the Mayor "IS" Going in the "right direction", .....If You want To "Crash"
Frank Mulligan July 26, 2012 at 01:18 PM
Ella, People don't watch what's going on in MEDFOR. they do other things that are IMPORTANT than Medford. when we say something to them. They talk good about Mc Glynn. Folks Wake- Up and smell the COFFEE.The only direction for Mc Glynn is OUT of OFFICE.
ella watson July 26, 2012 at 01:39 PM
Frank Mulligan, Do you know how many signatures are needed to get a" Term Limit" and "Salary Cap" a referendum question when voting?...this year..can it be done?
Arthur DeLuca August 05, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Early completion of the project meant even LESS "damages" needing mitigation. The longer a project goes on, the more the abutters are inconvenienced. Recompense for damages have to go through the legal system. Are you suggesting that Mcglynn should have tried to BYPASS the legal system so that abutters could get a "quick fix"? Just goes to prove a theory someone told me - people WANT their politicians top be crooked so that when they need a favor, they know they can buy it. Well that is the OLD way of doing business; not the proper way. This mayor has done a far better job of running the City than the Plan E City Council did in all the years before. They were the ones who hired the contractor who built the Governor's Ave parking garage that collapsed (hope he didn't build homes for any of them). they complain when the mayor asks for money for a project; then they complain he should have asked for it sooner, then they complain that the budgets are too high, they need trimming, then they complain that the budgets he submits are too low to do what need to be done. Then they APPROVE those budgets, Then in December (AFTER you have voted them back into office) they vote for a property tax increase to pay for all they have approved during the year. And yet they complain it's the MAYOR who's doing these things when they approved it all.
Arthur DeLuca August 05, 2012 at 04:02 PM
??? what do you mean by not enough people working for the City to pull in the money? How are these people going to get this money; by charging more in fees and licenses? By thinking up new taxes? By going door to door and asking for donations? Just how are people supposed to raise money for the City by doing work? The mayor tried to put in a parking garage to raise money for the City from the parking revenue; but the City Council voted it down. At least we anow have 1% meals tax going to the City. Any other form of revenue the City can get will come from the residents either through taxes, fines or fees. If you know a way for the City to make money other than by these, please share it with us and we'll vote for YOU for the next Mayor of Medford!
Frank Mulligan August 15, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Ella does it really matter now with signatures now. Like the IMPOSSIBLE dream.


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