For Each a Light: Names on this Year's Medford Remembrance Tree

A total of 83 names were recognized on this year's tree.

The following names are recognized on this year's remembrance tree, which is on display at city hall.

Since 2003, the Medford Chamber of Commerce has coordinated gathering names for the tree. Each person is remembered with a light on the tree.

Do you have a memory of someone listed? Did you lose someone recently who isn't listed? Share in the comments.


Adeline Jodice Al Lanzilli Alexis Theberge Angela Caraviello Anita Theberge Ann Lee Anna Walsh Anthony Puopolo Anthony Walsh Bill Lister Brian J Boudreau Carl Drauschke Catherine M Bates Charles Oram Christopher R DeBenedictis Claire Wickwire Scolaro Connie Drauschke Daniel J Bates Sr David M Carroll David Walsh Diane Murphy Dick D'Orsi Dina Rinaldi Doris Wickwire Dorothy D'Amico Dorothy Mignosa Dorothy Riley Edward Walsh Jr. Eleanor Caraviello Florence Ciardello Frank Bicchieri Helen Mignosa Helen Ryan James Lee Joan Anderson Joe Dalessio John Walsh Joseph Bonafine Joseph Racicot Joseph Rinaldi Karen Ciccia Kay Cassidy Louis Cicolari Margorie McAdam Marie Lister Marie Reardon Marjorie McAdam Mark J Bates Jr. Mary  Rose Sbuttoni Mary DeVirgilio Mary Gordon Maurice W Carroll, Jr Michael Hodnett Michele Pantano Minnie Racicot Muriel Murphy Nicolina Albano Niko Lister Paola D'Orsi Patrick Jodice Paul Drauschke Paul F Murphy Peggy Dalessio Phyliss Bonafine Ralph Gulla Rene Racicot Richard Lee Richie Bongourno Robert M Sbuttoni Sr Robert Wilson Rocco V. Coyne Roger Theberge Ron Monaco Ronald Bagarella Rose Trifiro Roselle Murphy Santo Mignosa Tony Lucci Vada Bicchieri Valentine Murphy Wayne D. Murphy
dan gilleo December 04, 2011 at 04:54 PM
would you add the name of my wife peggy gilleo long time medford teacher who passed away last may
Mary December 04, 2011 at 05:25 PM
Where is the tree? Two of my relatives' names are there. Thank you.
Jarret Bencks (Editor) December 04, 2011 at 06:37 PM
The tree is in City Hall. On the second floor, I believe. -Jarret
Medford Chamber of Commerce December 06, 2011 at 03:39 PM
The Tree is located outside of City Hall so you can go by at anytime and see it.


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