Medford's June Foreclosure Numbers

A look at last month's foreclosure data.

The number of foreclosures in Medford last month was nearly the same as it was in June 2011, but year-to-date foreclosures remain well above last year's pace, according to recent data.

There were nine foreclosure petitions entered in Medford in June compared to eight in June 2011, according to data from real estate publisher The Warren Group. Year-to-date, there had been 44 foreclosure petition entered in Medford as of the end of June, up nearly 30 percent from 34 in that time last year, according to the data.

There were ten foreclosure petitions entered in May on Medford homes, according to the data, but state-wide foreclosures dropped nearly 30 percent from May to June, according to the data.


ella watson July 25, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Being Mayor Must Feel Like Being A Captain. The Numbers Speak For Themselves.The More (or less) Information We Get From The Mayors "Master" Plan, "Tax" Plans, "Green" Plans, "Bond Repayment Plans, The More lt Sounds Like.... No-Plan. McGlynn's Plans Are Recipes For Continued Crime And Possible Foreclosures For All. The Mention Of Millions, That Are Needed For Bonds, Causes Citizens To Start Thinking..How Much Would The Residents Of Medford Have "SAVED" In Major Construction Costs, If The " Police Station, Fire Station, Dpw Buildings And Yard, Sidewalk Repair/Replacement, Stump Removal, Water And Sewer Infrastructure Etc. Were Put Out To Bid And Bonded ..3 YEARS AGO? When A Mayor Lacks Confidence That The Public Obviously Can See. When Residents Are Fully Aware Of Whats Really Going On..Trash, Traffic Violations, Larceny, Home Invasion, Vandalism, Breaking And Entering, Assaults, Rape and Murder Become The Norm In Medford, People Become Concerned On The Direction, Lack Of Transparency, Lack Of Leadership We Are Getting From Mayor ...MOVE AWAY !! And Or Close Their Businesses. People N0-Longer Want To Rent, Buy,Or Own Property In Medford. Crime In Medford Is The "Anchor" For Fear..McGlynn Isn't "Sea Worthy" Please Throw Yourself OverBoard..You Are Not A Captain..And We Will Not Let You Sink The Ship We Live In. You Will Be Okay Because .... Floats. Stop Making Everyone Else Walk The Plank.


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