No 'Occupy Boston' Walkout at Tufts Wednesday

Students from the Tufts Occupy Boston group are planning to join a student solidarity march on Monday, Oct. 10.

Students from  did not participate in a  that took place Wednesday.

Students from several colleges in the Boston area, including Boston University, Harvard, Boston College, MIT, Northeastern and others, had planned to participate in the nationwide walkout as part of the Occupy Boston movement, which was organized to show support for the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York.

Tufts was slated to participate in Wednesday's walkout, but instead, students from the Tufts Occupy Boston group set up tables in an effort to recruit participants for student solidarity marchplanned for Oct. 10, Columbus Day, on Boston Common.

"We're just really excited about getting as many people as possible," said Lissa Vanderbeck, a senior, about the group's plans for marching on Boston Common.

At the moment, the movement is "about the process of what are our concrete demands," she said, calling for a "horizontal democracy" and arguing "it's about being as passionate as possible."

Lucas Koerner, a sophomore, said of Occupy Boston, "It's a movement of process" that involves "ordinary people coming together and making a new decision-making center."

"We can do better than Washington and Wall Street," he said.

Aisha, a senior who did not want to give her last name, said the central theme of the movement was addressing "financial inequality."

The Columbus Day student solidarity march will take place at 1:30 p.m. The plan is for students to march in solidarity with labor unions and join a larger protest organized at Dewey Square at 2 p.m. Tufts students will meet at the Campus Center at 12:30 p.m. to join.

Tufts University is located in Somerville and Medford, Mass.


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