TELL US: Which North of Boston Community Has the Worst Road Rage?

We want to know where you've spotted troubles on the road.

Whether you're commuting, running some errands or on a Sunday drive enjoying all our region has to offer, we're sure you've experienced it or at least seen it — road rage. 

It's often in police logs, and you've probably had a few choice words yourself when you've been cut off or seen someone on the cell phone.

Greater Boston residents, we want to know — which community has the worst road rage problem? Where are the worst spots when it comes to driving?

Tell us in the comments.

Remember to keep it clean. If you violate our terms of use (check it out here) your comment will be deleted and your account may be suspended. If you have the urge to use profanity, an asterisk "*" will not suffice. Please find another way to make your point so we can keep the forum a place where all are comfortable sharing and conversing about our communities.


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