The Week Ahead: Lots of Yoga, Some Dancing and a High School Football Game

Take a look at what's in store for this week, September 5-9.


  • At  from 6:30p.m–7:45p.m check out the drop-in friendly  Kripalu Yoga is a gentle practice of yoga postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques for integrating body, mind, and spirit. Kripalu yoga is for anyone regardless of ability or body type. All you need is a desire to enhance an already wonderful you.  


  • At  from 6:30p.m-7:30p.m try out their .  Using traditional and contemporary style postures (asanas), this class will guide you through a series of movements and breathing techniques that will engage your body and mind. You will experience an increase in strength, balance, and flexibility, and will participate in a guided meditation at the end of class to quiet the mind and elevate the spirit.


  • At  from from 6:00p.m-9:00p.m take your toddler to . The class is designed to introduce toddlers age 2 -3.5 to explore the preliminary aspects of ballet and tap. Students will learn basic terminology and technique fit for the "mini" dancer. Children in this class will explore and discover dance in a fun filled musical environment. 


  • At 200 Rivers Edge Dr, Medford (in the green lawn space between the two buildings) from 9:30a.m–10:30a.m, check out  Baby Boot Camp stroller-based fitness classes are designed specifically to help moms get fit. It takes the place of a personal trainer at a time in your life when you need one more than ever. Classes combine strength-training exercises with cardiovascular drills.


  • At the  at 7:00pm, take the whole family to the . Get ready for an exciting game between the Medford Mustangs and the Revere Patriots. Concessions are available and tickets are $5. 


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