Tufts Students Save Squirrel

Tufts students care for squirrel and find him help at Woburn Animal Hospital.

An injured squirrel was given another shot at life thanks to the help of two Tufts University students.

According to Tufts Daily, two students found a skinny, limping squirrel on campus Tuesday.

Juniors Dan Fortunato and Zach Himes found the squirrel lying on its back, legs still, with its arms clinging to a branch, said the Tufts Daily report.

X-ray tests at the Woburn Animal Hospital showed that the little guy had a spinal cord injury, but did not have a broken back. Hospital veterinarians
gave the squirrel a steroid injection, before transferring him the home of Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator Joanne Sequeira.

Tufts students cared for the squirrel before his trip to Woburn, reported Tufts Daily. One student fed him Cheerios, which he appeared to like, while another drove him to Woburn wrapped up in a T-shirt.

Read the full story here.


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