Week in Review: Medford Schools Budget Includes Cuts, New MHS Headmaster Picked

Some of the top recent stories from Medford.

After over five hours of meeting Monday night into early Tuesday morning, the Medford School Committee reconvened Tuesday night to approve a $47.5 million budget for the 2013 school year. The budget falls about $1.3 million short of offering level services compared to 2012, but doesn't have as quite as many cuts as originally anticipated. It was passed unanimously by the committee. On Monday, the committee heard from parents, teachers and students who spoke out against eliminating the middle school foreign language program, a cut that would have saved the district about $120,000. Their message was apparently heard -- Funding for that program, and about $210,000 in funding to other programs, was restored in the revised version of the budget.

John Michael Perella has been selected as the next headmaster at Medford High School. Perella, currently an assistant principal in the Revere school system, was announced as the selection by Superintendent Roy Belson before a budget meeting Monday night. Belson said Perella received his support, along with the school committee and a parent advisory board. "I believe he was the consensus pick,” Belson said. Perella is currently an assistant principal at Garfield Middle School in Revere. He will replace Paul Krueger, who is retiring this summer. Krueger has been headmaster since 1998.

The Medford firefighters union is in the early stages of creating a proposal to have a city owned and operated ambulance service, union officials said Thursday. During the City Council's annual review of the fire department's budget, union president Bill O'Brien told city officials that a union committee had been formed to come up with a plan for a fire department-operated ambulance. They hope to bring a proposal to the city next year, O'Brien said.

Facing a shortage in manpower, the Medford Police Department has doled out about $1 million in overtime pay in the last year, police Chief Leo Sacco said Wednesday. That's about $400,000 more than budgeted for. Sacco appeared before the City Council Wednesday as it undergoes its review of the municipal budget. The big spending on overtime was partly a result of a delay in the hiring of six new police officers, according to Sacco, who were included in the 2012 fiscal budget but won't be entering academy until later this month. The 2012 fiscal year for the city ends June 30. Money budgeted for the six positions -- $327,744 -- was used to offset the increase in overtime, Sacco said. The 2013 budget as proposed would increase the overtime budget from $600,000 to $800,000.

The proposed Medford Fire Department budget for 2013 includes about a 9 percent pay raise for most uniformed firefighters -- including the chief and four deputy chiefs. The raises are result of a previously negotiated contract agreement between the city and the Medford firefighters' union. They mark the end of a 21-month pay freeze the union had previously agreed to with the city. The Medford City Council reviewed the department's budget Wednesday night as part of its on-going preliminary review of the municipal budget.

Frank Mulligan August 04, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Folks wake up and smell the Coffee. 2013 BUDGET cut. You can thank Michael Mc Glynn for this. As long as Michael is in OFFICE. Medford is'nt going any where. As long as Michael gets his BUDGET approved that's all that matters to HIM. The City Council will not approve the BUDGET. They are for the TAX PAYERS. Good Luck Medford.
Arthur DeLuca August 05, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Well so much for your theory. Once again, as they have ever since Mcglynn was in office (and long before that under Plan E), the City Council approved the new budget this year - 2003 will not be any different. The mayor can only run the numbers through the formula the State gives all Cities & Towns to use. Many people (including the most outspoken John Storella) have pointed out how this formula is rigged by the State to always come out with a tax increase. It's up to the City Council to refuse to approve the expenditures which go to increasing our taxes. It's up to them to cut the Budget in June so that the tax formula will stay stable or even decrease for the Medford residents. But they NEVER do it! They approve the tax increases for McGlynn, they did it for themselves uder Plan E and they'll do it for any and all future mayors who come after Mike. The problem is and always has been the City Council. They are the ones who approved the FIRST Gov's Ave garage, after all. If it's not needed now in 2012 with all the cars on the road, how could it possibly have been needed 50 years ago? Look at how they rant that he's spending too much, but then they rant that he should have spent it even sooner to fix all the problems with Medford's buildings & streets. Well that "sooner" would have raised our taxes even more!! So remember that if any of these McGlynn bashers run for mayor. They want to spend even more than Mike and increase your taxes even more than they do now!
ella watson August 05, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Arther Deluca, Thanks for resurrecting a dead horse..The "Garage". The Circle in the Square event held on a Thursday afternoon to early evening in July (3-8:00pm.)..one of the busiest paydays of the week, When stores, banks,and restaurants are open late...The Only Parking Lot in the High Street Area..Less than 100ft. from the proposed "Garage"..used the "Credit Union" Parking Lot for (over a dozen spaces/several HP spots) Preforming artists rather than for Parking. Obviosly Parking is NOT needed. This was a Mayor and City Council Approved Event. From what I saw was a successful event..I saw the smiles from the young to the old, I never heard any mention of, Where to park. No-one posted any concerns about Parking..even for future events. The Garage is a Dead Horse..whos day has come to be taken off life support..and BURIED once and for all. Time to move on to more important issues.
Arthur DeLuca August 05, 2012 at 09:38 PM
You seem to suffer from the same short attention span as Bob Penta. If you'll check what he said over a year ago; he was trying to convince the City Council that they should work with the owner of the now-empty block of buildings on Forest St; the ones next to the Post Office. It seems that the owner wanted to tear down these revenue-producing properties to rebuild it as a parking garage, complete with an overhead connection right to Chevalier. His cost would be tremendous, the cost of demolition as well as a much greater building cost for that structure than the City's would be. He'd have to recoup all that cost in parking revenue, yet he thought he'd STILL make more money that way than by renting out his existing single floor block of buildings. Funny how a shrewd successful businessman would turn a profit on this very expensive project, yet the City who would only have the costs of building, not demolition (and who has some of those costs defrayed from the insurance check for the old collapse, as well as Fed money to use because of the public transpotation tie-in) would incur a loss. Something just doesn't smell right to me. Could somene be trying to nix the garage because they want to help this merchant make all the money for himsellf? Sounds like the Ghost of PLan E Governemment is rearing its ugly head. Next thing you know, some government official will try to get a bus stop or two moved to help out a merchant or two. Oh wait, that's already been tried as well, egads!
ella watson August 05, 2012 at 10:05 PM
Arthur Deluca......STOP LIVING IN THE PAST, You are the only ghost.
Richie M August 05, 2012 at 11:06 PM
You must be refering to the government official who wants to build a new parking garage because promises were made to a certain restaurant owner who's not exactly packing them in.
Arthur DeLuca August 05, 2012 at 11:10 PM
Methinks ye doth protest too much! An old saying goes that people who keep telling other people to stop living in the past have something to hide; some past secret they don't want revealed or that they want people to forget about. Like maybe how bad life under Plan E was? We definitely traded UP with Mcglynn - maybe that's the past that you don't want people to remember? But looking over your posts, all you do is bring up the past. Like how the Mayor should have rebuilt the DPW yard in the past. Or how the Mayor's past decisions were all bad; but as soon as I want to bring up THAT VERY SAME PAST to disprove your claims, suddenly you don't want the past talked about. That's the sign of someone who's just shooting blanks. It's an old politician's trick to divert attention to the fact that, if you check their old facts, you'll find them t be VERY unfactual; just as I have done to your facts. Mike mcGlynn is NOT a bad mayor. Of course we can always trade up, but to date no one has stepped forward to run against Mike who'd actually be a trade-up. You want Tony D'Antonio? He's a nice guy but hardly a trade-up. His soution is to repair everything riaght awy, before the cCty has the money to pay for it. His solution td Medfor Sq parking is to limit ALL on street parking to 20 minutes; not even enough time to get one thing bought in one store. I guess he wants the parking fines from the residents - that's his solution. I live into the future by remembering the lessons of the past.
ella watson August 06, 2012 at 01:50 AM
..Arthur Deluca, Big Difference Going Back 3 Years ..Not 30. Women Don't Shoot Blanks ..Old Men Do. ..And As Far As Facts Go ..Last Week You Accused Me Of Being Joe Viglione. Put Your Teeth In A Glass And Go To Bed...Goodnight. ...
Arthur DeLuca August 07, 2012 at 05:35 AM
That's right... the Deluca memory ready to serve one & all. Whether 30 years, 3 years, or 10 years ago in a control room helping you tape the tribe of Judah interview... I remember ALL of it; and know where the proof is... and no secret mediation agreements or sealed courtroom settlements can stop me from revealing it. I'm not bound by any of them as I never signed or agreed to any of it! So sit back comfortably and watch my dust. P.S. You had JB make a complete and utter fool of himself on Ziggy's show tonight and I can prove THAT, too - "private sources" indeed! What is officer M's phone number again?
ella watson August 07, 2012 at 10:48 AM
Arthur Delucca, Be careful what your accussing me of. I don't know Jb, except that I have seen him as a resident that has been involved in all aspects of medford life, and have heard him on ziggy. I have no-idea what they heck you are talking about. I have never spoken to JB. I have nothing to do..with your past, courtroom settlements or Officer M....but if you do talk to Officer M..turn yourself in for slander, not against me..But against.... who You think I AM.
jay f August 07, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Arthur deal with the present problems. I agree with Ella. Times are different now. We need to cut back spending. People can't pay for food. The mayor increased his salary by $7,000. Do you think that was a good idea in light of the economical situation we're in. The taxpayers pay that salary increase. Keep it simple too much spending equals more taxes. I don't care what happened 30 years ago or 10 years ago. Deal with now. I'm furious to hear the Mayor is fixing parking tickets. It's criminal. What do you have to say about that? Somerville takes in 8 million a year in parking violations. We reward the violators and tax the people who are out of work??? Wake up Arthur. I heard the Mayor will not dispute a tax bill being too high. He leaves it up to the Asseser and won't intervene. He won't do anything for the taxpayer but fixes tickets which are violations of the law???? Thanks Ella for all your work. Keep on going.
Arthur DeLuca August 07, 2012 at 05:20 PM
No, the Mayor did NOT increase his salary, he merely put in for a salary increase. It was the CITY COUNCIL who VOTED to give it to him that increased his salary. Again, the problem IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN The City Council. And once again, you need to pay more attention to John Storella when he gets up to the podium to speak at the City Council meetings. He has investigated how our Medford Government works and continues to put the blame for our tax increases squarely on the City Council where it belongs. It is not possible for our property tax or our fees to increase without an affirmative vote from the City Council. The mayor CANNOT raise our taxes - he just submits to the City Council for a tax increase. The City Counccil is the political body who keeps increasing our taxes again & again & again. .
Anthony D'Antonio August 07, 2012 at 08:14 PM
Arthur, I would wish that if you want to state my platform, should I be Mayor, or, as a very concerned resident of Medford hoping to change the status quo, you would do it accurately and truthfully. But, I guess pandering for the current mayor takes up most of your time these days; enough so that in your attempt to distort the facts presented by me when I ran for mayor and those ideas which I presented before the Council as a concerned citizen, you exposed yourself as a dyed in the wool supporter of the current mayor…”damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” Fine, that’s your prerogative and I have no problem with that! What I do have a problem with is your complete and utter misrepresentation of the facts; to the point of prevaricating. You know exactly what I said yet you chose to carry the mayor’s water and distort the facts. Unfortunately, for you, the citizens of Medford are beginning to see the folly perpetrated by the mayor over that last 25 years and the 6 years before that as a state representative. The fight to return this city to the citizens and not to those who participate in the “Quid Pro Quo” philosophy of the mayor is far from over. You can either be part of the solution or be part of the problem…a very simple choice!
carmella newtown August 07, 2012 at 11:22 PM
Mr.DeLuca...You are very unstable. Please seek help!
Arthur DeLuca August 08, 2012 at 05:08 PM
You want to be specific on which statements I made that you believe were inaccurate? You did say that the Med Sq parking problem would be eliminated by making all the spots a 20 minute limit. Are you now saying that you just made that suggestion to the Council but that if you were mayor you would not actully do that? And as for prevaricactions, you stated at a City Council meeting that you were censored on TV3 during election season, appearing only on the Monday before elections on Ziggy's show. NOT TRUE, you had a 1/2 hoour on his show for the Primary as well. It played many times, including into the final elections. You also had your time on the candiadtes show produced by TV3. You also were offered time on Jim Tuberosa's show, which you declined. I am part of the solution. I am speaking out against those who are attempting to return Medford to the Old Days. You need to speak to Mary Anne Frisoli to find out how bad things were before McGlynn.
Anthony D'Antonio August 08, 2012 at 11:34 PM
I do not want to engage in a mindless argument with you Mr. DeLuca, so the following is my final answer. You can continue to distort the facts and come to your own futile conclusions, however, I will not indulge you! Fact: The 20 minute parking spots were for several spots in all the squares where there is a cash and carry business. Cars move, spaces open up, people do business. Case in point...Bob's Food Store, Modern Pastry, Bella Ravioli, etc. Fact: I did go on Ziggy's show: no script, spontaneous discussion; Ziggy is a good man and did not try to influence the direction of the interview. Fact: I refused Mr. Tuberosa's invitation because he had a hidden agenda to denigrate the mayor and villify the DC political arena. I did not care to engage in another's personal campaign. Fact: TV 3 denied me my First Ammendment rights to free speech by refusing to play an informational interview on a DVD I made for my campaign by trying to get me to force the producer to sign the rights over to me so TV3 could edit out the interviewer. This was WRONG and a definite First Ammendment violation.
Public Access Producer August 09, 2012 at 01:01 AM
I thought this was about the School Committee? Anthony, good points but that individual has already fessed up to John Byers that we are all 100% right. Have an idea why he is throwing molotov cocktails here...and those who he's acting in concert with. One would think an adult male would have more manners and some responsibilities to tend to. Not he! Any logical person wouldn't put him on the board of a Janitor's Commission let alone a situation where moneys could be spent more judiciously to help our community. And isn't that what these comment sections should be about? Improving our community? I see NASA on one of Medford's many public access stations right now (there are at least 6 or 7 stations now broadcasting in Medford), and you can thank me, people, for working with members of the community to urge this particular station to do the right thing. Jarret Bencks - editor of this Medford Patch - is fully aware - as are the police of that individual's conduct. The first posting that individual put on that DPW thing was forwarded to the police with a warning that that individual was going to try to start a flame war. It is disappointing that he did not "disappoint", proof that he still hasn't grown up. Perhaps we should thank him, because by displaying his immaturity, it gives us more evidence why certain changes must be made in the immediate future to put intelligent, logical, veterans who care about our community in positions where they can do the most good.
Public Access Producer August 09, 2012 at 01:03 AM
This topic should be about the School Committee. Why is Jarret allowing one person to disrupt this thread? The City Council worked till well past 10:30 PM last night (and the sandwiches were great! Thank you Ed Finn!). We need more participation AT the School Committee AND the City Council and more people to respond appropriately to these PATCH articles.
ella watson August 09, 2012 at 01:27 AM
Finally the voice of reason..Thank you Anthony, PAP, Carmella, Jay f and Richie M. We will not let this city down...its the future for our children..medford residents deserve better..we will make changes. Corruption.... with all the forms of media available these days..may rear its ugly head..but I guarantee..someone will have a copy to show everyone. Good eventually wins over evil.....in the long run.
Arthur DeLuca August 09, 2012 at 04:44 AM
Well Tony, you've just outed yourself as the fact distorter. At the Council meeting you said that your ONLY appearance on TV3 was the 5 min piece on election Eve on Ziggy's show (as the DVD of that meeting shows). As you NOW admit, you were also on Ziggy's show a prior time. You also have shown you do NOT know what the !st Ammendment is about. Free speech rights are with the Govt, NOT with individuals or corporations. Being a charitable, MCC has the obligation to be politically neutral on any & all shows it produces You DID appear on MCC's candidates program (another appearance you neglected to admit to). As for individual producers, there is NO automatic right to be seen or played. The producer whose show you appeared on has been banned from MCC. His shows will not play there. He made an invalid offer on MedfordMass Yahoo group to interview candiadtes on his show & have them played on TV3 Medford. As soon as I read his post, I made a correcting post (which still shows on that group) explaining that NO candidates appearing on that show would have those shows played. You are a member of that Yahoo group. That you either missed this very important post or chose to ignore it shows you to be either a game-player or not very observant. Either way that makes you, in my opinion, unsuitable to be in office.The producer whose show you were on was fully aware the show would not play, yet he taped it & deliberately misled you. What sort of indiviidual does that make him?
Arthur DeLuca August 09, 2012 at 05:04 AM
RE: your above comment "The first posting that individual put on that DPW thing was forwarded to the police with a warning that that individual was going to try to start a flame war." - As I made that post, I also forwarded same to the police myself. Why you forwarded it is a mystery to me, since there was nothing at all illegal with the post I made. As for flame wars & who is responsible for them, all one need do is read all posts & check all facts to see who is stating actual facts & who is distorting them (or posting outright fiction), that will reveal who the flamers are. We can both claim we are right and the other wrong til the cows come home; none of that makes what any of us say true or false just by saying.. Should the authorities believe a crime has been commited, they are fully capable of determining the actual identities of all posters and I am fully confident they'll be able to come to the correct conclusion. I think I'm right & you think you're right - no surprise there. Let's see what grows from the seeds planted here these past days. As for the comments on this article being off topic. the first poster commented on budget aspect of the article, claiming it's all McGlynn's fault. I added the role of the City Council in the budget process, citing other examples of how they shape the budget & it all grew from there. If folks don't understand how our govt works, they can't make life better for Medford, which is the underlying goal for this site.
Arthur DeLuca August 09, 2012 at 05:09 AM
Well we agree on that last part - the part about corruption. How about that? Evil feeds upon itself while good nurtures, so in the long run, it's a self-correcting process. The "long run"... hmmm. maybe we should name that run "The Human Race". Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
Public Access Producer August 09, 2012 at 05:25 AM
Dear Patch and Readers: This is a site on the Medford School Budget and on-topic posts discuss that. I was at the City Council last night and there are some positive things on the horizon, not the least of which is that Mike McGlynn has never before faced so much criticism and has never before faced scrutiny and possible transparency. This is all a plus for us, the good guys. Now, who is desperate to keep McGlynn in office - and why? Ask yourself that...and then... notice who is off-topic - someone who has targeted me. Each e mail written by that person is being collected as evidence for my attorney and for other parties who have been most helpful. Trust me on this...his obsessive/compulsive rants won't be possible once corrective measures are taken. Patience, people. His side lost in court in November of 2011; in the most recent case they "defaulted"...and guess who foot the bill? That's right dear cable TV subscribers: you did. Jarret Bencks has also been alerted to the misconduct of that individual. Patience, people. The discussion is about McGlynn's inability to balance the budget; McGlynn's self-serving policies which fail to improve life in Medford. That's the topic that we need to stay focused on. Thank you for your patience with the individual disrupting this thread.
Public Access Producer August 09, 2012 at 05:31 AM
Frank, we have three reliable City Councilors and one on the fence. Fred Dello Russo Jr. is a rubber stamp for the Mayor. Paul A. Camuso is a rubber stamp for the Mayor. Robert Maiocco is a rubber stamp for the Mayor. Maiocco is Camuso's uncle by marriage. Too much nepotism in this town. Write to Rick Caraviello and tell that councilor to get some religion or end up like Mark Arena...out the door. Anyone notice Camuso go after Tufts University last night? It was kind of ridiculous...there are plenty of reasons to criticize Tufts (a college that could do SO MUCH MORE for our community but refuses to), but Camuso's vendetta against them is personal, something about property allegedly up on College Ave or Hillside or something. Why do some of these councilors make it personal when their job is to look out for the people who pay their salaries. McGlynn is one of the most selfish mayors in the Commonwealth.


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