Mayor Skimps on Police Department, Station

Mayor McGlynn Skimps on Police Department and Station so he can impress Medford's elite with esthetic projects he can take person credit for.

Dear Neighbors,

While I am advocate for certain policy changes inside the Medford Police Department, I am also an advocate of building a new structure worthy of the 21st Century.  Not only for the police personnel but for the increasing prison population.  After listening to the Patrolman's representative last Tuesday night it is clear to me that the Mayor has not been talking to the Medford Police Officers through his Chief or otherwise about where the Police Building is headed.  We know that a New DPW is on it's way which is great and well over due, but we haven't gotten an update on the Main Street Police/Fire Station.

Again, I have every intention of bringing forward some policy changes while we revamp our Police Building to fit the new station.  Yes, new station.  Is this stall and dodge by the mayor just a way to avoid spending ever tighter tax payer money on the one thing that is mandated by our constitution - the enforcement of the Constitution. 

It is apparent that Mayor McGlynn is trying to dodge this spending in order to have the capital to purchase his esoteric very visible perks, which can receive person credit for.  The garage, Brooks Estate, Water taxi and who knows what else he wants to spend our kids money on.  Yes, our kids money.  Loans are nothing more than spending some future kids money. 

The Chief of Police doesn't get off the hook that easy either.  Where is he, besides begging that the mayor takes care of his people with the proper facility.  Is he that afraid of getting fired.  It looks to me like the the condition of our police department has reached the point where he would be mater by his people if he did stand up to the mayor and get himself fired on there behalf.

The people of Medford don't get a pass either, these officers deal with people you don't have too.  You owe it to them to call the mayor's office and let him know that you value our police personnel.  If you don't feel the motivation to do so, than take a walk down to the Station and ask an officer to walk you around.  It is your station, you pay for it.  I bet after you do that, you will give the Mayor McGlynn a call.  If you are one of those who critic the police, then we need to address them directly and make policy changes within the Department.  If you are someone who doesn't understand the Police Department in the same way that I do not understand the School Department - than it's your responsibility as a citizen to educate yourself.  I will be more happy to help you, so ignorance or uncomfortableness is not an excuse.

This City deserves a new Police Building.  Let's get it done!


Jeanne Martin

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Upset February 11, 2013 at 04:39 AM
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U Sam February 11, 2013 at 07:23 PM
Jeanne, you should take the civil service police exam.
Jeanne Martin February 11, 2013 at 09:38 PM
Dear U Sam, Thank you, i will take that as a compliment. Our Police Department is not the only institutional about to go under great change, just wait for the Sequester to hit the public schools. Tough choices are going to lead to angry parents in Alden Hall. The Police Station and personnel are high profile for one reason - anarchy would ensue without them. They are the mandated necessity of a state. If it is too much for anyone officer than they can leave the profession. It comes with massive responsibility, and they know that public scrutiny comes with the job, as do teachers. So, please officers don't feel singled out, everyone else is next. When the money stops being created out of thin air in Washington there will be a lot more reviews being completed, from fire fighters to administrators. The police department is the most glaring right now because we have none. These are dangerously low levels and some one needs to speak truth to power. If these issues weren't already there, my comments would not have any meaning. Respectfully, Jeanne Martin
Frank G April 14, 2013 at 04:25 PM
Are you taking it?
Jeanne Martin April 14, 2013 at 07:06 PM
Dear Neighbors, No, I am not taking the civil service exam. Thank you for asking. Respectfully, Jeanne Martin


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