The Berlin Wall comes down West met East Medford

West Medford Meets East Medford and the Berlin Wall came down. We both Win if we work together.

West Helps East – East Helps West 

Maybe we aren’t so far apart after all.  First I would like to thank my neighbors for inviting me to a meeting last Monday night Medford starts with ME.  They are more than welcome to come over to Cummings Street and in fact I encourage them to do so.

As I have stated before public safety in my neighborhood is a need not a luxury - but I just may have figured out a win-win for everyone East and West.  You stand with me to push forward on a New Mega-plex facility (full-scale Police, Fire, and DPW) and we will help you build out your historic mansion (the Brooks Estate).   We have the talent right here in Medford.  Do you know who would be the first in line to help you if you were to stand with me on a New Police, Fire, and DPW building – the Police, Fire, and DPW?  We have all kinds of blue collar and building trades in this city and they have all the connections you are looking for to complete your project.  With the help of the Mayor, Council, School committee, and business community we can get it all done and for much less money – but we must work together not in opposition to one another.  And guess who gave me that idea - you!

Now, for those of you that don’t value police, fire, DPW I say to you – you should.  As a person who lives in an area that qualifies for federal block funding, I say to you – you should.  If you don’t see the benefits of a solid police, fire, and DPW – you should.  Let me assure you that standing up for public safety is standing up for my neighborhood.  For those of you who see yourselves as progessives, the police are not the oppressor of the poor unless you allow them to be.  Stressed out cops are those most likely to abuse their power - so you know who's fault that is - yours and mine!  We as citizens, tax payers, property holders are responsible to make sure our police are working at the top of their game.  We can help them by adding numbers to their ranks, and increasing the voice of poor whites and minorities (in and out of uniform).  While we work together on the ground floor of the structure I encourage you to meet the men and women of the police department.  The police are not the enemy unless you want them to be.  I have reported illegal activety to the police many times (on many of my neighbors) and the police have kept all of us safe as a result.  I ask all my neighbors of the professional persuasion to stand with me, come down to city hall and stand with me for a new mega-structure.  If you want to help the poorer sections – support me.  Stand with me and I will ask the mayor, business community, police, fire, and DPW to stand with you.  We have to work together – not against each other.  My neighbors white and of color depend on you.  What an opportunity we have here. 
Stand with me - Medford will stand with you.  Medford starts with ME - well does it?  I will be at the city council meeting every Tuesday night. 


Jeanne Martin

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Ann Frenning Kossuth June 21, 2012 at 01:19 PM
The State Police are run by a woman, and they want to "render the department more racially diverse, as well as more inclusive of women and LGBT officers."* Plus, having a second language provides a tactical advantage - how can we function without a Spanish-speaking police officer, let alone any of the other ESL groups forming the "1 in 4" homes reported in the June 11 Medford Patch? *http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massachusetts_State_Police
Jeanne Martin June 21, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Dear Ann Frennin Kussoth, Thank you for your comment. I have been given thought what we talked about. First of all thank you for volunteering to clean up the parks, all through the city. Kudos. But also, one specific project that could help Cummings Street is to take down the trees at the end of the street. There are trees that actually darken the area at the walk through to the Shaw's Parking Lot. If we were to use all the "green" people advice I bet they could come up with a much better way to make that area attractive. Maybe a combination of flowers and mulch or a raised vegi-garden which would engage the kids on the street. Right now it is often seen a trash can. The current trees were not planted and they darken the area, that's on of the reason drug transactions went on there. I want thank West, Hillside, and any other area for extending there collaborative minds and hands. Let's get the greenies over here. Now, we're talkin'. Respectfully, Jeanne Martin Jeanne Martin
Ann Frenning Kossuth June 21, 2012 at 07:50 PM
Consider the middle ground between harboring drug deals and having zero shade at the end of your street. Like selective pruning — as we did on Capen Street Park's recent clean-up. One resource you could contact is the Medford Street Tree Advocacy Group (McSTAG) — a group under the umbrella of the Medford Environmental Alliance. Read more: No longer paving paradise - Medford, Massachusetts - Medford Transcript http://www.wickedlocal.com/medford/news/x2082910769#axzz1ySV58TMX
Jeanne Martin June 21, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Dear Ann Frenning Kossuth, Awesome, I will give them a call. Now we are talking. Respectfully, Jeanne Martin
Jeanne Martin June 21, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Dear Ann Frenning Kossuth, Maybe the green police can stop my need for the Medford Police. Thanks again, Jeanne Martin


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