Soccer (Playing) Moms

Moms play soccer too!

The soccer mom stereotype involves a minivan, a sweater draped nattily over the shoulders, and a focus on the kids.

A real soccer mom has mud on her cleats and buys Aleve in bulk. She's probably not as fast as she was before the kids, but she's a smarter player. She's relieved that her kids' games are on Saturdays, so she won't miss her Sunday kick-off.

Moms play soccer too! Massachusetts, blessedly, has great opportunities for recreational sports at all levels. This includes moms who played high school or college soccer, or just became interested when their kids started playing.

The Eastern Massachusetts Women's Soccer League just kicked off its 2011-2012 soccer year.This all-women league has highly competitive levels to less competitive (more recreational) levels. Its fees are higher than the social leagues, but the league and officiating are at an arguably higher standard. The increased fee ($65 a player on my team) includes insurance coverage on the field.

The EMWSL has a fall tournament, and teams can go up and down to the next competitive level based on their standings. Some of the teams are homogeneous: players are all a certain age and ability; and some are more heterogeneous. Teams have a home field and frequently play "away".

 If you're interested in playing for the EMWSL, they have a new player questionnaire on their website. Fill it out and submit it, and interested teams will give you a call. Be honest with the captain or coach who calls you. If all you want is some good exercise and fun, say so. If you're in it to win it, tell the team that too.

There are coed soccer teams through social sport programs. Many of the social teams require a certain number of female players on the field at a time, so those teams love to recruit women. These teams may be 11 v 11 on a full field, but some also have a 7 v 7 format, with indoor and outdoor options. Since the emphasis is on fun, all levels of players are welcomed. Try Social Boston Sports and Boston Ski and Sport for these. 

The social teams play on a central field (probably in Somerville or Cambridge) so there are no "away" games. Games may or may not be the standard 90 minutes, so ask. Shorter games mean less money for the babysitter! Fees are more affordable too: $20-30.

So moms, don't bench yourselves. If you're ready to get out there and play, dust off your cleats and makes some calls. Your team is waiting!


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