Venture Out: Adventures 15, 30 and 60 Minutes Away

Revisit your younger days when you hopped in the car, started the engine and drove off in search of something fun. The Sunday Patch Passport maps out where you can go on a 15-, 30- or 60-minute drive from your home. You won’t want to miss these unique sto

15-Minute Drive: Horn Pond in Woburn

Horn Pond and its surrounding conservation land occupy nearly 700 acres of land in Woburn near Winchester. It is also home to Horn Pond Mountain, also known as Towanda, which is 287 feet above sea level. Trails wind through the area, taking walkers throughout the dry oak-hickory woods. 

The Horn Pond Conservation Area also has several memorials, including the Leo F. McElhiney Memorial Park and benches dedicated to residents.

30-Minute Drive/Ferry: Spectacle Island

A former dump site, was cleaned up and opened to the public in 2004. A 15-20-minute ferry ride brings you to a quiet oasis with spectacular views of Boston, two beaches, a visitor's center and a cafe.

Ferries leave from Long Wharf in Boston. Check out the schedule here.

Spectacle Island is one of 34 islands and peninsulas that make up the Boston Harbor Islands National Park.

One Hour Drive: Portsmouth, NH

Whether you dine on one of the decks over-looking the Pisquataqua River Bridge, walk the streets of historic Stawberry Banke, or get a tase of some live music, it's tough to go wrong with Portsmouth.

The 900-space parking garage off Hanover Street offers cheap parking (only 75 cents an hour). From there, cross over to Congress Street and Market Square.

Prescott Park - the city's main park, located on the banks of the Pisquataqua - hosts concerts and plays during the summer, a chowder fest, and the always-awesome Prescott Park Folk Festival.

Then there's the Stawberry Banke Museum, which chronicles the immaculately-kept neighborhood that dates back to the 1630s.

For dinner, head to the docks. , , River House and all have amazing views over-looking the river.

If live music is your thing, check out the upstairs at the Press Room, or the cozy downstairs bar at the Dolphin Striker (they have a Karp tank built into their bar!).


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