Latest on Medford Blizzard Clean-Up

Schools hope to re-open tomorrow; emergency parking ban still in effect.

Medford Patch will keep you updated with the latest information on what's happening as the city continues to clean up from one of the biggest blizzards in recent memory.

Medford Public Schools are closed once again Tuesday. In a statement released Monday afternoon, officials are hopeful enough snow-clearing work can be done Tuesday to allow schools to open again Wednesday.

"The DPW is cleaning bus stops (Monday) and will continue to do so (Tuesday)," according to a statement from the city. "In addition, they will continue to knock down high mounds of snow for the safety of children walking to school and for those who wait for the bus to get into work."

Starting at 4 p.m. Monday, crews began work to clear snow off the roofs of school buildings.

"All school events will be rescheduled with adequate public notice so important activities will continue once this emergency situation is over," the school department said Monday.

The city's emergency parking ban remains in effect, according to Medford Police. The list of city streets where parking is banned is available here.

Police are asking residents to clear their sidewalks for children so they can get back to school on Wednesday.

"Medford Fire Dept. requests that you adopt a hydrant and keep it free of snow to ensure access in fire emergency," police said in a tweet Monday.

The city also said trash removal will stay on its normal schedule this week.

The Monday statement from the city concluded with this:

We want to thank everyone for their tremendous cooperation and understanding during this historic and dangerous storm. Medford fared very well due to the commitment and dedication of Medford’s public employees working together with our residents.
Nick February 12, 2013 at 03:10 PM
If Medford "fared very well", why is it Tuesday and Arlington, Winchester, and Woburn have school yet our children do not? Maybe if the city would hire professionals to remove the snow there wouldn't be such an alarming number of streets that are still impassable. But no, the DPW workers continue to call there closest friends every time there is a snow storm, because they treat it as an opportunity to make a quick buck. So now we are stuck relying on people who plow snow as a hobby to ensure the streets are safe enough for our kids to go to school, because the city is unwilling to take their friends off the payroll to free up the money to hire some professionals. Once again, us citizens of Medford are left in the dust due to the nepotism and carelessness of our city officials.


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