Medford Man Charged with Winchester Bank Robbery

The following information was supplied by the Winchester Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

A 28-year-old Medford man was charged with unarmed robbery for allegedly robbing a bank in Winchester last month.

Michael J. Grande, 28, of Medford stole $500 from in According to Lt. Peter MacDonnell, Grande allegedly handed a note to a teller that read "Give me all you cash. Hurry up." The teller complied and he allegedly fled, with the note.

Winchester Police were informed that Grande was the suspect based on video surveillance. Grande was being held at the Cambridge jail on separate charges when Winchester Police charged him for robbing the Sovereign Bank.

"Shortly after the bank robbery he was locked up for unrelated crimes," MacDonnell said.

According to MacDonnell, because the quality of the surveillance video was so poor, they sent it to the Secret Service in order to enhance the footage.

"Once we got the enhanced photo back, we distributed it to the law enforcement community," MacDonnell said. "We received a positive ID because of that."

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