Police Arrest Alleged Jewelry Thief

A Lincoln man is charged with breaking and entering after he reportedly returned to a Barrington home after helping to make plumbing repairs.

A Lincoln man has been arrested by Barrington police for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and laptop computers from a Lantern Lane home in which he helped make plumbing repairs.

Robert Giammarco, 25, of 885 Smithfield Ave., was picked up on a Barrington police warrant with the help of Lincoln police on Friday morning, Feb. 1. He was charged with breaking and entering.

Giammarco allegedly returned to the home on Jan. 24 after assisting his father with plumbing work in the house a few days earlier, said Barrington Police Chief John LaCross. He reportedly stole two laptop computers and many pieces of jewelry that were located by Barrington Det. Benjamin Ferreira at pawn shops listed on the “Gems” database – a listing of all jewelry taken in by pawn shops.

One of the pieces, a bracelet, reportedly has of value of approximately $10,000, said LaCross. 

Ferreira was assisted by the victim, a 54-year-old woman, said LaCross, who found information “crucial to the investigation” by doing Google searches. Those searches uncovered information that linked Giammarco to storage-unit thefts in Coventry and Johnston and his father, the plumber who did the work on the Barrington home.

The investigation also found that Giammarco has just finished serving time in the Adult Correctional Institution for break and entering; he was released on Jan. 14. 

Ferreira also found that Giammarco is the owner of a black Ford Mustang that was identified as being parked not far from the Lantern Lane home on the day of the theft, when police officers canvassed the area for information.

LaCross described the investigation as “outstanding work” by Ferreira with the help of the victim, who identified pieces of jewelry found on the database by the detective. The database indicated that Giammarco “had just sold several pieces of the jewelry” to a pawn shop, said LaCross.

Police also found at least one of the laptop computers stolen from the Barrington home on Giammarco’s bed the day he was arrested, LaCross said. Police had a search warrant for his apartment.

Giammarco was arraigned at the Barrington police station by a justice of the peace. He was taken to the ACI to be held until his court date.

Henry Doyle February 05, 2013 at 06:55 PM
Released from ACI Jan. 14th. Arrested Feb. 1. An entire two weeks of freedom! He must have missed his friends.


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