Capuano Visits Medford, Talks Supercommittee, Redistricting

“It is mean, it is messy and it’s a lousy process, but it’s better than sitting on the sidelines and just complaining.” - Michael Capuano, talking about the political process

Congressman Michael Capuano, a Democract who represents Massachusetts' 8th District, spoke to Medford business people Wednesday afternoon at luncheon at Lawrence Memorial Hospital hosted by the Medford Chamber of Commerce.

Here's some excerpts from what he had to say:

On the Deficit Reduction "Supercommittee":

“I have thought from day one that they will not achieve what they said they would achieve, especially when I saw who they put on there,” Capuano said. "There are two people on the Republican side, and I like them, but they are zealots."

Capuano said he was referring to Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pennsylania and Rep. Jed Hensarling, R-Texas.

“They are not there to make a deal," Capuano said. "They are there to make sure no deal happens.”

On Redistricting Plans:

"From what I saw and I only looked at my district, I think it’s fair and reasonable" Capuano said. "If I were to do it personally I’d do it a little different."

On the Federal Government's Inability to Get Deals Done:

“The country is divided and it’s divided because people have elected people to represent them who are incapable of compromise,” Capuano said. “It always amazes me, I’ve been in politics full time for 20 years...this is the only profession in the world, where the average person who gets to decide who is (elected) wants people who have never done it before."

Capuano equated it to hiring someone to do brain surgery who wasn’t a doctor.

“You are going to get exactly what you pay for," he said.

He said would rather see a member from a local planning board, or even a little president, negotiating deals than some members of congress.

"When you get poeople who don’t have any experience working issues out amongst people who are vehemently involved, you are going to get exactly what we have now – a government that can’t get anything done,” Capuano said.

He encouraged people who are dissatisfied to get involved with politics.

“It is mean it is messy and it’s a lousy process," he said, "but it’s better than sitting on the sidelines and just complaining.”


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