Condon Shell, Medford Square to Improve Lighting

Mayor proposing improvements based on MWRA loan.

As part of the possible $3.2 million interest-free loan from the Massachusetts Water Resources Administration, Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn is proposing lighting improvements for both the parking lot at Condon Shell and Medford Square.

During a recent press conference, McGlynn said there have long been discussions about about parking lot improvements but there was previously not enough funding for the lighting.

McGlynn said about $100,000 could be spent to put in "10 double-headed poles" that would be decorative lamps to light the parking lot.

Meanwhile, McGlynn said the issue in Medford Square is about the strength of the street light illumination.

While LED lights were put in last summer, the previous lights "burnt" the inside of the glass covering them.

New glass covers were being used on a couple lights as a test to see if that material could be used on all of the lights.

"We'll use them all throughout the square so you'll have great improvement to the lighting in the downtown area," McGlynn said.


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