Mayor Announces Members of New Cable-Access Committee

The committee is tasked with developing a ‘community TV access plan’ for Medford.

Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn. Patch file photo.
Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn. Patch file photo.

Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn announced Friday the three members of the “Community Access TV Committee,” which will work to determine the future structure of public, educational and government access television in the city.

McGlynn appointed the following members:

  • Father Chip Hines, pastor of St. Joseph’s Church in Medford, who also co-hosts Catholic TV’s movie review show “Spotlight,” will serve as the committee’s chairman.
  • Frederick Laskey, executive director of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, who formerly co-hosted a show in Medford about energy issues
  • Allison Goldsberry, webmaster for the Medford Public Schools and City of Medford, who also teaches web design at Medford High School and is in charge of the school’s educational access TV station

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The committee is tasked with developing “the guiding principles for the future of community access television” in Medford,” according to a Friday release from the mayor’s office. The committee will present its recommendations to the mayor by Memorial Day.

“I look at this as an opportunity to search for fresh approaches to community access television that are based on a foundation of transparency and inclusiveness and that also allow for the fullness of artistic and individual expression,” McGlynn said in a statement.

Medford Community Cablevision Inc.’s Board of Directors voted Sept. 30 to dissolve as a corporation and relinquish control of Channel 3 Medford.

The committee’s plan should include educational and community programming, locally produced content, broadcasts of public meetings and events, increased learning opportunities for students interested in media production, community classes and enhanced online video capacity, according to the release.

The committee’s first organizational meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3, in the Medford High School library.

Meetings seeking public input will be announced following the first meeting.  The committee will also have an email address and other important forms of contact to receive public feedback and comments.  These will also be announced following the committee’s first meeting.

Hypocrite Hunter January 24, 2014 at 11:05 PM
And yet, you were not selected to the committee... Ahahahhaha! It looks like you will continue to have nothing to do with -- except complain about -- access TV in Medford. Are you starting to see now that being a tool gets you nowhere??? You fought very hard to have nothing to do with the future of TV3 in Medford. Congrats!!!!!!
Hypocrite Hunter January 25, 2014 at 01:08 AM
Baloney. He can still access the Web, but alas, yours is such the convenient excuse...
Arthur DeLuca January 25, 2014 at 01:38 AM
Sheesh! My PC monitor crapped out yesterday afternoon. It took me until just now to locate my old one, switch out the new one for it, and wire everything all up. All told, about thirty hours since I was last onlne - and look what I come back to... the same old same old. I wonder how many posts under how many names have been attributed to me in that time? I think all here (ay least those whose comments are still up) have missed the purpose for this panel. It is not going to create an access channel and decide how it is going to run - the Government CANNOT run Public Accesss. Retired judge Jackson said so at the Evaluation hearing. What this panel is going to do is figure out the structure for who will be picked to run it. Shall it be just public? Shall it combine ALL of PEG? Shall the City have it located in the High School? Shall they complete 32 Riverside Ave Studio and have someone run it from there? These are the types of things (and much more, I'm sure) that this panel will mull over. They'll give their thoughts on what should work best for Medford to the Mayor. The Mayor will then pick the final model for PEG and then look for an entity to run it via a contract (probably start with an RFI - but maybe not). I do know the mayor currently wants it to be a non-profit that has an elected board. This is important to keep in mind; for no matter HOW the City wants Public Access to be run, no matter WHAT is in the contract, no matter HOW the entity starts out as they run it, Public Access will forever be just one annual meeting/election away from the possibility of the entitiy having an entire new board that decides to totally change the bylaws and P&P. This is the reality of things. If you are to study the actual history of public access from the legal documents signed, the Council meeting discussions etc over the years etc (as I have), you will see that from the beginning the City Council tried to control it. from the beginning, the board defied them. From the beginning the members defied them. When the board stopped listening to the members (or became innefectual in the members eyes), the members replaced the old board one-by-one via annual elections, until they had entirely replaced the old board. Then the memebrs changed the station to the way THEY wanted it to be run. This pretty much parallels how the United States was formed to begin with. Thus has it always been; thus shall it always be.
Arthur DeLuca January 25, 2014 at 03:07 AM
Thanks, Joe but I need no introduction from you as the people know me well - I ran for Mayor, remember? They also know me from TV3, Wright's Pond, Memorial Day Parade, City Council race, City Hall and many other places - been a Medford resident for more than sixty years. But your non-sequitor of a trial starting in August makes it sound like either myself or MCC/TV3 has some sort of court case or court action against me/it. Not so; not even for the dissolution of MCC. While that dissolution does indeed get finalized by a judge; no one from the corporation appears in court for it. My/our part in this dissolution has been completed. None of it affects either the 3 person panel or their decision though, so I don't know why you'd be bringing it up here. By the way, you mis-spoke with your long string of "violations" (also not germaine to this article) against MCC. No legal body has either charged us with or declared we have committed any violations; that is merely conjecture on your part - merely your opinion. You should have stated it as such. And you being a "noted journalist" and all that. Where are your journalistic ethics?


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