MBTA Proposes Interim Plans in Lieu of Green Line Extension

Free Charlie Cards? Bike Lanes on Route 28?

Facing a court order to mitigate vehicle emissions by 2014, the MBTA is offering interim solutions as it works toward its long-term goal of extending the Green Line through Somerville into Medford.

The transit department released a lengthy list of possible interim solutions Monday. They ranged from more frequent bus services to creating bike lanes on Route 28 to free or cheap Charlie Cards for riders living within the mitigation area.

"These ideas have not been endorsed or accepted by MassDOT," a MassDOT statement said. "These assessments will next need to be formally analyzed, using the air quality modeling methodologies of the Central Transportation Planning Staff."

The MBTA will be taking public comment on the possible interim offerings until July 16.

The Green Line Extension was originally expected to be completed by 2011, then delayed to 2014, . Rep. Michael Capuano, D-Somerville, .

The extension is part of a settlement agreed upon by the state to address the environmental impact of Boston's Big Dig. The plan calls for the green line to be extended along pre-exisiting commuter rail tracks through Somerville to College Avenue in Medford -- and possibly, Route 16 -- with seven stops along the way. It was supposed to be done by 2014.

Among the potential interim solutions offered in the recent report MassDOT report:

  • Free or discounted Charlie Card passes for study area
  • Convert lanes on Route 28 to be bus/bike lanes
  • Improved bus shelters in Medford and Somerville
  • Increase in green line trains serving Lechmere Station
  • Phased implementation of extension
  • Creating addition multimodal (bus, commuter rail) stations in Ball Square/Gilman Square/Union Square/Assembly Square
  • Increased service for 85, 94, 90, 89, 88, 96, 77, 73, 71, 69, 47, 61L, 28, 23, 22, 15 bus lines
  • subsidies for public purchase of electric vehicles
  • priority parking for electric/hybrid vehicles
  • Mystic River Reservation Multi-use Trail in Medford construction
  • Additional construction of Somerville Community Path
Larry Mack July 04, 2013 at 07:18 PM
Totally unbelievable! I live in the Twin Cities. Our Central Corridor service between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul was planned about the same time as your Green Line extension. Our Green Line, as it is called, will finish on time and have full service around April, 2014 as originally planned. In the meantime the MBTA Green Line extension might make it in time for Captain Kirk to take over the Starship Enterprise. In the case of your extension never has so little been done for so much. It is amazing that we in Minnesota can get the job done on time and the "T" and those involved can discover 25 more reasons for discussion and procrastination.
Christopher Pedro July 05, 2013 at 12:19 AM
How about the MBTA just stops screwing around and gets their job done? I understand Assembly Square is a neat little moneysink, but that money would be better served extending the Green Line instead of building an orange line stop literally a five minute walk from the one you can see across the bridge.


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