#MBTAFail: Service Problems on Orange and Red Lines Have Been Identified

Report indicates aging trains at fault and will cost $1 billion to replace.

The next time you find yourself stranded on an Orange Line or Red Line train platform tweet-cursing a message to #mbtafail you can take heart in knowing that the continuous problem with slow or stalled service has been identified.

It was revealed yesterday that aging subway cars on those two lines are responsible for longer waits and more frequent service interruptions, according to an article in Thursday’s Boston Globe. And the results of an-depth report contend it will take $100 million to upgrade the train cars until $1 billion is available to replace them.

Commuters daily voice their frustration with all MBTA service by tweeting messages. Some add hashtags, such as “#mbtafail” to their tweets so others can easily follow problems as they happen.

Tweets such as “I am coming dangerously close to having a commute-related, rage-filled meltdown. #mbtafail”  from fabredhead and “(Boston) Red Line hotter than hell, compliments of the MBTA. It's bad when the stations are cooler than the subway cars. Thanks. #mbtafail” from SteveStearns are common.

But fret not. It was also announced yesterday that Google has launched a new app that will allow you to track MBTA trains and buses so you won’t be surprised when service is delayed.

And just last week . So the question now is how many MBTA flip-flops or transit token necklaces do they have to sell to raise a billion dollars?

Grant Mukaï June 10, 2011 at 04:52 AM
The MBTA is also selling some of its vintage signage for a hefty price. Perhaps this is their strategy for getting out of debt?
Daniel DeMaina June 11, 2011 at 03:42 AM
Order #5821 of your vintage Boston Univ. Central sign experiencing 30-45 day delays due to switch problem at Post Office. 6/10/11 11:42 PM


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