Medford Councilors Blast Casino Proposals

Council resolves 5-1 to forward their concerns about the impact of casinos on Medford to the state.

Several Medford city councilors expressed their concerns over the impact of potential nearby casinos at their Tuesday night meeting, resolving to officially send their concerns to the state.

Beginning with issues raised by City Councilor Robert Penta, the council eventually voted 5-1 voice their issues to both the state Gaming Commission and their state legislative delgation.

One councilor, Michael Marks, criticized Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn for "leading from behind" on the issue and not taking a stance.

"Why isn't he fighting for the businesses and the residents of this community against this casino?" Marks asked.

Watch the video to the right to see more of Marks' comments.

Penta discussed

"This is just going to cause huge, huge problems for the city of Medford," said Penta, who also was miffed about private developers not coming to Medford to bring them to the table for a discussion.

"It's going to be an environmental problem," he added. "It's going to be a family-oriented problem. It's going to be a business problem, it's going to be a traffic problem."

Counclior Richard Caraviello agreed with Penta, saying that if a casino goes into Everett or possibly Suffolk Downs, Medford "is going to suffer" either way.

"Studies show casinos suck the life out of communities in a 10-mile area," Caraviello said, citing the loss of business in the area around the Foxwoods casino in Connecticut.

Marks centered his remarks McGlynn, accusing the mayor of waiting to voice an opinion one way or the other as Marks claimed he did on the MBTA Green Line extension.

"He needs to change his slogan on campaign signs from 'Leadership That Works' to 'Leadership From Behind,'" Marks said. "Because that's how he operates."

Marks added that Everett officials are saying Route 16, a major traffic artery for Medford, will provide the entrance to a proposed casino site, not Route 99.

Marks said "hundreds of buses" going through Medford on the way to a casino would continue to hurt the city's infrastructure.

City Councilor Paul Camuso was the lone councilor to vote against the resolution, saying there was "no proposal before us for mitigation for an East Boston casino or an Everett casino."

Council Vice President Fred Dello Russo was not present at Tuesday's meeting.

stevieB January 23, 2013 at 01:23 PM
Medford is devoid of any business growth plan, the traffic is deplorable, crime is on the rise and its becoming more and more a welfare city...why not support a casino...get some money out of it to maybe salvage Medford rom becoming a Lynn or a Chelsea.
raymay January 23, 2013 at 01:27 PM
Everyone take a deep breath. The casino in Everett, if it happens at all, is year away. Why do you do something productive today, like enact COMPREHENSIVE PARKING ENFORCEMENT?
Evmorphia Stratis January 23, 2013 at 03:11 PM
I am thrilled that the councilors in Medford understand what a casino means to a residential community. It will increase all the exisiting problems. It would be helpful if elected officials in Medford, Everett, Somerville and Charlestown educated citizens of all the reasons why casinos have a negative impact on communities. Bring in people who can address the issues, answer the questions and speak the facts. I don't think it is too soon to address the issue. As a resident in Everett, I am disheartened to hear about all the people who think a casino will be the magic solution to all our problems. I too think elected officials need to take a stand against bringing in a casino NOW, not to wait and see. See what? We have drinking and driving problems , prostitution, drugs, gangs, traffic, pollution....quality of life issues now and these will increase with casinos, no matter what Steve Wynn says about his classy resort style casino and his inferences that a new police and fire station will be built, and all the great jobs that will be had...please citizens, investigate the facts of really what happens when a casino is in a community. People do have gambling addictions and can lose all their money, homes. Remember,' the house always wins', yes, a common expression but it is TRUE. Casinos take your money, the state gets your money more than the city. Residents demand the facts from your ELECTED officials; be transparent (Everett).What do you want for your children?
W Gannon January 24, 2013 at 09:27 PM
Wellington circle seems to be doing well


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