New Medford Housing Authority Director Expected by January

Mayor says change has begun at authority.

A new executive director of the Medford Housing Authority should be appointed by the start of next year, according to a press release from Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn.

The authority's former director, Robert Covelle, resigned in May at the urging of Gov. Deval Patrick after a federal audit showed he handed out contracts without putting them out to public bid, and separate reports surfaced alleging he often hired family and friends and practiced favoritism in the office.

On Monday, Attorney General Martha Coakley announced an investigation that began last September had concluded and that Covelle had agreed to a

Covelle was appointed in 2009 with a recommendation from McGlynn, who issued a statement this week touting change at the authority, which is a separate government body from Medford's municipal government.

“The work has already begun to change, reform and re-energize the mission of public housing in Medford,” McGlynn said in a written statement.

Operation procedures at the authority have been subjected to a review by the University of Massachusetts' Collins Center. Officials at the center told McGlynn a new director should be hired by January 2013, the release said.

Richie M September 12, 2012 at 06:48 PM
I'm sure the corrupt autocrat McGlynn will conduct an exhaustive & extensive nationwide search for a new MHA Director. Just like he did when he appointed Stephanie Muccini Burke to be the new budget director. Like his court jester Mark Rumley said at the time, "why conduct a search when the obivious and only choice is right here in front of us". Ah yes hacks of a feather do indeed flock together.
ella watson September 12, 2012 at 07:34 PM
..MAYOR Minocio's has nothing to loose by doing the same damn thing he has been for 30 years...I want to know when the hell are residents going to get a back bone and get this guy O_U_T_. He has so much shifting of money from one account to the other..Lets see what the mayor ruins next..he's the fox and were the coop...good luck getting housing if your not RELATED..I have a very good friend that requested housing..lets see if he or she gets in... there is also someone keeping notes for me to see the chain of events ..lead to. this should be very interesting..Will the council have a hand in any part of the interview?
darleen sullivan September 13, 2012 at 10:26 AM
And the complainers....well, complain ! Here is an ELECTED Mayor making proper changes and the boo birds are out again; 1,2,3. Yet none will put their name on the ballot to run against the Mayor. Why not? Certainly can not be due to lack of time, The "Publc Access Producer" has the most Patch comments by a wide margin (95% complaints) and Ella is not too far behind. And whats with Lonergan? There is no update, no issue, no story----let it go folks. If you take half of the hate you have for the Major (and yes, its hate) and channel it towards the homeless, the blind, Cancer----or anything other than the repetitious bashing, jealousy, and nonsense ("minocio", "court jester"- how cute) we might actually be in a better world. But nah - that takes too much courage and conviction---complaining is much easier. ...... and thats ON TOPIC
Public Access Producer September 13, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Original first post from 12:56 pm on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, edited to be more specific. JARRET, change will begin when the Mayor keeps his hands OFF of the Housing Authority. Who will the Mayor install as the new Executive Director? My bet is Lauren DiLorenzo. Point is: Medford Housing is supposed to be autonomous. Have you ever checked the doorbells of the elderly in the senior housing? It looks like a who's who of a city officials' family reunion! You will be stunned! Why is Sam Pirri still there? What are his real credentials? He was very close to Bob Covelle, and who hired Mr. Pirri? Follow that lead and you might have your next big story. Why is there no update on John Lonergan and the copper story? Medford Housing is an extension of Medford City Hall and that is not the way it is supposed to be. Notice Tim Murray's problems with Chelsea Housing and how close Murray is to Mayor McGlynn. Notice how Martha Coakley didn't mention Bob Covelle's wife, Patricia, was slapped with a 295,000.00 whatever back in January and how Coakley hasn't even referenced that she is outraged that a husband and wife have both now been caught betraying the public trust. That's huge...add to that their brother-in-law was a sheriff under investigation and you have a HUGE abuse of power. Let's see if people can stay ON TOPIC and discuss Medford City Hall and the Medford Housing Authority. Everytime someone goes off topic they are trying to create distractions.
Public Access Producer September 13, 2012 at 03:33 PM
To "Darleen", yes Mayor was elected,but here's something FEW PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE COMMONWEALTH get about these "Housing Authorities" (and it is NOT only Medford) - Housing Authorities do not fall under ANY Mayor's control for a specific reason - the city’s ONLY involvement is the Mayor appoints all but one board member to watch out for the City’s interest and nothing more. That's why Mark Rumley jumped up when I put Uncle Gene McGillicuddy on the spot. The Mayor had his UNCLE put on the Board by the Governor (thank you Tim Murray, NOT!), so that gave Mayor not only TWO appointees,but a family member. When I alerted the Governor (with help from an elected official, NOT Paul Donato) we saw how QUICKLY even a GOVERNOR realized this was very,very bad.Mayor's alignment with Lonergran looks awful, the Executive Director being brother-in-law to the Mayor's secretary looks worse, and the "new" appointment of Heather(allegedly lived across the street from Uncle Gene & McGillicuddy family)is allegedly just another plant for Mayor M who has ZERO authority over the Authority,like every other Housing Authority in the state.I believe that's the LAW! The Mayor can call over with complaints/questions from tenants but it is supposed to end there, in a perfect world he should be placing all questions and comments through his board members to the authority, not directly,Average person doesn't know this. If corruption happens in authorities,it's usually that city/town govmnt got involved.
Public Access Producer September 13, 2012 at 03:50 PM
P.S. I intend to address the city council on this come Tuesday night. In no uncertain terms. I urge everyone posting here to speak to the council on their point of view. If people are serious about an issue, they bring it to their elected officials. Directly, in front of the cameras.
darleen sullivan September 13, 2012 at 04:19 PM
Corrrect - Mayor does NOT control Housing Authority (not sure that helps your spiteful point) Correct - Mayor appoints board members. ...And who do you think one would appoint? Of course you apoint someone you personally know. Business and governement and realy life is all about relationships! You appoint who you know and trust---and sadly, sometimes trust is breached. Just because he appointed his uncle---thats wrong? Do you think people are beating down the door for these appointments? You think college grads are drooling over these wonderful positions? I assume he knew his uncle well, and trusted his judegement and experience - same with Covelle. and really, while you may take great pride in being a roomshaker - I doubt Rumley "jumped"; maybe rolled his eyes at you. And why is Lonergan association awful? A long time member of the Medford community, from a dedicated Medford family.....who hasn't even been criminally accused, nevertheless convicted ! Those who yell loudest and most often believe they are the smartest. I'd prefer to see those "passionate" few roll- up their sleeves and attempt to be part of the solution without dragging others down.
ella watson September 13, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Darleen, Did you move to Medford or do you still live in Marshfield. I guess as a Realtor you want to keep yourself in good standing with the Mayor..while you sell homes in West Medford We are passionate for fair housing ..for all..not through kick backs..or being related. Talk to the ones that live their..see what their take is on the Mayor.
Public Access Producer September 13, 2012 at 08:50 PM
p.s. to all - note how I made a point of saying it is ALL THESE HOUSING AUTHORITIES that have the potential for trouble. That's not being spiteful, it is pointing out that it is the easiest place to avoid transparency and play the old switcheroo game. That's why citizens MUST scream and yell when someone allegedly steals 3000.00 worth of copper and the flawed and highly conflicted Attorney General does nothing. She's a disgrace.
darleen sullivan September 14, 2012 at 05:59 AM
Looks like I was directly addressed twice - thus this reply: Yes I live in Medford, also graduated from Medford High School many many years ago, moved away for college and work - now am back. Sorry Ella - I'm not a realtor and do not live in Marshfield. Looking at your punctuation and lack of grammar Ella (really-is there/their that tricky?) I'll assume education is not your thing. I've caught-up on some of the local issues via Medford Patch, and follow some of the stories. You and this "Producer"---wow. He has more links on the internet than Carter had liver pills. Probably 50 sites complaining about other people....then 50 other sites/people claiming he's crazy. Talk about smoke then fire ! Before I call it a night (split shift nurse here) let me try to see what you two are thinking: Mayor McGlynn, Covelle, Lonergan, the AG, the city lawyer, a state rep, a local TV station, a sheriff ALL BAD ?, some even crooks? Folks who put their names and lives out in the public? Some who served for YEARS. But you two message board heros (do either of you have a job? honestly? )are the voice of sanity??? ooooooooooookkkkkkkk .....and yes - most of these questions are rhetorical good night
ella watson September 14, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Boy,your knees must be sore.I don't believe you are a nurse..you lack compassion making fun of someone who lacks an education doesn't mean they are wrong.You having an education doesn't mean you are right.Serving for years does not mean you have done a good job.I guess you like dirty streets,signs posted for street sweeping that never happens.I guess you like walking by a large broken desk for 46 days on the side walk on river streets.I guess you like getting out of a car at the condon shell at night with no lighting. I guess you love the conditions of our sidewalks and roads..where we pay out $ for injuries cause by them. I guess you like taking your life in your own hands when your trying to cross the intersection at salem and river street. I guess you like wating years for someone to condemn the DPW. I guess you will like putting things off till they become dangerous.ie police station I guess your okay with the trash that blows from medford square into our Mighty mystic river. I guess your okay with the cemetary workers,seeding patches of lawns throught out the cematary and then driving over it 10 minutes later and then reseeding again. I guess your okay with home assessments made with out entering the home. I guess your okay with being over charged for water (6 million) and getting higher water bills. I guess its okay to see dozens of signs for the farmers market and barely any for brooks estates, the theatre or the royal house. Thats your medford, We deserve better.
Public Access Producer September 14, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Ella, it is very interesting how that individual is now promoting Mayor McGlynn's misdeeds in the same fashion, in the same "voice" as someone no longer posting here. The problem for McGlynn and Donato is that they have stayed in way too long, as has Bob Maiocco. I've always stated that Bob Penta needs to run for higher office, as a City Councilor he doesn't have the power to institute the change that is needed. McGlynn's problems are mounting from 25 years in office, he should have bailed 6-8 years ago. He has enough money stuffed away, but greed is what is going to bring down McGlynn no matter how much "protection" he thinks he has. Anyone defending Lonergan and the alleged theft of copper, anyone defending a TV station that refused to tell the public at a public hearing how the money was spent (and refused to give the auditors at Melanson Heath & Co PC information paid for by taxpayers; allegedly they sent BLANK FAXES through to the auditors), anyone defending State Rep Donato's very bad behavior in public...but here's the clincher - the poster - Darleen - defends Robert Covelle - who is now punished by Martha Coakley, albeit a slap on the wrist, caught with hand in cookie jar and sentenced for SIX YEARS not to work in public housing.The fact that the Mayor's secretary spends every single Friday night with Patricia DiPaola Covelle ought to tell you something about the Mayor's lack of character and choices he has made for us. Mr & Mrs Covelle = bad for Medford.
ella watson September 14, 2012 at 04:41 PM
.....the devil is in the details on a friday night..very interesting my friend. I 'm sure more will come out..The AG and The DA need time..more time to sort out ....corruption..and at what degree..
Jeff C September 14, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Agreed Darleen. It's just more of the same tired McGlynn bashing from the same tired malcontents who continue to make themselves look ridiculous.
Public Access Producer September 14, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Ella, interesting the use of the word "malcontents", the same term attorney David Skerry used, isn't it, when it came to Pop Warner and other entities he enables! Actually, when I walk down the street and people thank me for doing the heavy lifting it is clear that if our position was "tired" Jeff C and Darleen wouldn't respond so relentlessly. We've hit a nerve, especially with 4/7ths of the City Council finally getting a clue. Caraviello has been on the fence, but the Mayor has really upset him. Methinks Rick is going to be more logical in future votes. That will keep Maiocco and his nephew, Camuso, and Freddy "what me have an independent thought" Dello Russo-Clarence Thomas, Jr. at bay for awhile.
Jeff C September 14, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Right on cue it's the "self-proclaimed leader of the opposition" with his seventh comment. Thanks for proving my point Joe.
Public Access Producer September 14, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Actually, your post reinforces the logical facts posted in my essay. Mike McGlynn would have looked good had he resigned 6 years ago. But you seem to want to blame the messenger for Bob Covelle's lapses in judgment, and McGlynn's failure to keep his hands off of the Medford Housing Authority.
darleen sullivan September 14, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Ella- sure am a nurse, and sure am compassionate. And guess what, I think Medford is pretty OK. I look to Everett and Malden- and think we are keeping pace. Sorry to let you know- we are Not Winchester; remember how we confirmed your lack of education? It's ok---- but we can't compare apples to oranges. McGlynn and Donato do have college degrees and have paid taxes for years. Can you and Joe Vig say the same? He has no known employer......you? You folks drag others down------ but don't seem to be equip to pull the cause up-----financially ? No. Educationally ? No. And certainly not via status or votes ! You have no influence and no courage to run for office Mark Rumley and John Lonergan have more courage, sense, friends and honor than you and your "producer" have angry posts. And that's a lot
darleen sullivan September 16, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Mr Producer & Ella (likely redundant) I don't work or associate for any local TV stations(people really watch that stuff?) and do not know those names you speak of. How old are you folks? I stopped having enemies in high school. All you seem to do is bad mouth others. I read about a Councilor Camuso story, & aTufts Univ story--Mr Prodicer >just awful. Why don't you try to help people? You pretend to, but it appears you just love reading and hearing your name called. SAD. And Ella - you are correct, an education doesn't make anyone better. However- when an individual puts oneself out to comment and pick apart others; it is important to consider the source. Your butchering of the English language speaks to your lack of education and life experiences.These elected politicians and private citizens you bash have worked hard to obtain degrees, obtain employment and serve the public. And your friend the producer-----how can his post be taken seriously? They are almost all complaints ! And he goes to court more than Judge Judy I would love to get a look at you two at City Hall-----but I'll be working (which I assume neither of you do) so good luck, have fun yelling at the politicians, jumping up and down, calling attention to your self---and posting on the internet to satisfy your egos. I think I'll retire from this Patch stuff. It's clear you two have much more free time than I to play on this board----and much more anger to spread. I can't compete with that.
Public Access Producer September 16, 2012 at 04:22 PM
Back on topic,this is a post about the despicable way McGlynn has handled Medford Housing. Martha Coakley, in August, indicted Danny Romanowicz II, for stealing $13,800.00 (interesting that a non-profit in Medford took $13,900.00 from Utica National Insurance to pay a lawyer SEVEN TIMES what the $2,040.00 case was worth, but I digress) http://www.mass.gov/ago/news-and-updates/press-releases/2012/2012-03-23-romanowicz-indictment.html Martha turns a blind eye to the Mayor's friend,John Lonergan and the alleged $3,000.00 in copper,State Rep Paul Donato hires Dan Hurley, who stole $100,000.00 from elderly clients, no one says a word, McGlynn loses exactly 4 Million Dollars with his MVDC with the Appeals Court SLAMMING McGlynn for the eminent domain fraud (look up and see if Jim DiPaola ever pulled an eminent domain thing...just saying..) and "Darleen Wilson",a 60 year old disreputable male con artist goes off topic and spreads lies to deflect the truth.I will be at the City Council working hard for Medford's non-profits. In a court of law what became clear - and why I won - was that Darleen Sullivan's group was "taking things out of context." It was very clear. Not only has she gone off-topic attacking myself, Ella, anyone that "group" disagrees with, "she" spreads lies and admits she is too much of a coward to speak at the City Council.That's because the gray-haired 61 year old nuisance/man alleged to be "Darleen Sullivan" would be exposed. Jarret should delete Off Topic Darleen
Doria Alberg September 19, 2012 at 01:13 PM
Darleen and Jeff C...well said!
Public Access Producer September 23, 2012 at 08:18 PM
On topic post: Word on the street has it that the Mayor has a choice for Executive Director of the Medford Housing Authority, which is NOT his jurisdiction, but McGlynn sticks his fingers in where they don't belong. Given the scathing article on the alleged Conflict of Interest probe with the Mayor, George Scarpelli and Anne Baker having relatives working at Medford High School, the pressure on McGlynn may give him second thoughts about forcing his will (read: relatives and friends) further into this Medford Housing Authority scandal. See the weekly paper online for details on that. Jarrett will probably look into it soon, if he hasn't already.
Arthur DeLuca September 24, 2012 at 08:11 AM
There you go catastrophising again, Joe. The Transcript article was hardly a "scathing report". It came more under the banner of "here's something that hardly matters." Let's wait for the promised part 2 and see what that one reveals. Since part 1 covered the mayor and the school committee, I expect part 2 to cover the City Council. I'm hoping they'll cover Bob Penta submitting that resolution to talk a a campaign issue one more time before the election last year. In case you weren't aware, it's against campaign rules for anyone to do any campaigning for any candidate on Government property. I reserve the word "scathing" for something more in the nature of the judge's comments about you in that December 2012 lawsuit against you that was unsuccessful. Maybe the Medford Patch should have a new poll. "Was the scathing evaluation the judge gave you worth the money MCC spent to get it?" it's not what we were trying for, but that's how it turned out and I take his so very wise words to heart.
phil September 24, 2012 at 10:35 AM
mr deluca-you are correct, i'm not trying to impersonate you. and yes this is my real name. i have never set eyes on Joe personally (and certainly not his "programs") but I do personally know a few of the elected officials he complains and lies about. i commend you mr deluca for correcting Joe's lies and shameful posts....and share the thinking of the judge who said "he is too ridiculous to be believed" keep up the good work deluca...not that his post need monitoring (remember the judge >>>> who would believe him? )


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