Re-Districting Leads to Medford Democratic Committee Election Gaffe

John J. McGlynn was on the ballot in a ward he doesn't live in.

John J. "Jack" McGlynn received more votes than anyone else for a spot on the Ward 7 Democratic Committee in Medford, but none of them will count.

McGlynn was on the ballot for Ward 7, but that's his old ward, City Clerk Ed Finn said Tuesday. Re-districting implemented in 2011 meant McGlynn, the city's former mayor and father of Mayor Michael McGlynn, is now in Ward 1, Finn said.

McGlynn was listed on the ballot before anyone from the city realized he is in a different district, Finn said.

"We tried to have him taken off, but it was too late," Finn said shortly after tabulating the votes at Medford City Hall Tuesday night.

As result, none of the votes for McGlynn will be counted, he said.

McGlynn received 100 votes, with his name being picked on 25 percent of the ballots cast in Ward 7, according to election data.

Alicia Hunt March 09, 2012 at 01:30 PM
I suspect that most residents are not familiar with the ward committee system. It would be good to have a follow up explaining what this means for him and for the local democratic party.
Jarret Bencks (Editor) March 09, 2012 at 02:33 PM
No one lost out as result of his presence on the ballot. Ward committees can have as few as three people and as many as 35 people. There were four candidates, not including McGlynn, on the Ward 7 ballot. Members of party ward committees "represent their party at the local neighborhood level, promote the objectives of the party and work for the nomination and election of party candidates," according to the office of secretary of state. As result of the ballot mistake, these duties will be left to the four others on the ballot, and anyone who may have been elected by write-in (a minimum of five votes is required for election). It's also possible McGlynn picked up five write-in votes in his new Ward. The results of write-ins were not part of the preliminary results election night, but I'll get a hold of the City Clerk's office today to find out.


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