Rotary Club Donates 5 Defibrillators

The Medford Rotary Club raised funds so that youth organizations in the city could have access to this lifesaving medical equipment and their efforts were celebrated at the West Medford/Hillside Little League's Opening Day.

Article, info, and photo provided by the Medford Rotary Club: 

The President of the Medford Rotary Club, Mary Sbuttoni, was at opening day at the invitation of the West Medford/Hillside Little League.  Mary and project chairperson, Anne Gelineau Powers, presented a portable defibrillator to Chip O'Leary, WMLL President.

The Rotary has worked to raise the funds and earned a matching grant from the Rotary District to fund the purchase of 5 defibrillators.  These defibrillator units will be donated to five youth organizations throughout the city.

Also attending the presentation were EMTs from Armstrong Ambulance who, in conjunction with the Rotary, will be providing training for the coaches and staff.  Rich Raymond, Chief Operating Officer of Armstrong Ambulance has been working with Anne Powers to get this project in motion.  Armstrong will be an integral part of sustaining this program.  The equipment must be inspected and maintained at least annually.  Ms. Powers stated that Raymond and Armstrong Ambulance have stepped up to the plate to provide the training and to store and overhaul the equipment at the end of the season.

Sbuttoni also got the opportunity to throughout the first pitch along with Mayor Michael McGlynn.

The members of Medford Rotary work diligently to raise funds to support this and other annual giving programs.  These programs include donating dictionaries to every 3rd grader in the public and parochial schools throughout the city.  At the holidays, they purchase, pack & donate over 150 turkey dinners that are given to Medford families in need.  Annually, we also award several scholarships to high school seniors from Medford that are pursuing a college education.


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