Should Massachusetts Allow Assisted Suicide?

It's one question voters will weigh in November.

Should terminally ill patients be allowed to be given a lethal drugs at their request?

That's one question Massachusetts voters will be expected to consider when the hit the voting booth in November. The initiative, called "Death with Dignity," received enough signatures to be placed on the ballot in November, according to the state's attorney general.

The proposal in Massachusetts would allow individuals who have been diagnosed with an illness that will cause death within six months to obtain medication to self-administer to end their life.

If passed, Massachusetts would join Oregon, Washington and Montana as the only states that allow assisted suicide.

ella watson July 27, 2012 at 09:28 PM
Okay..Someone explain..."DNR" .."Do Not Resuscitate"..usually that can be done in an Ambulances, EMT, Emergency Rooms, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Institutions..........Not At Home With lLoved Ones.
Upset July 28, 2012 at 04:09 AM
Is still a bad IDEA to put a poor old lady into a bedroom to share with a patient who had a VERY BAD INFLUENZA IN THE FIRST PLACE ON A VERY FIRST NIGHT!What was the reason for that? No bed available?: You can't get away with that!!!! Tell me about the EMT services in this city? Did they passed the tests?Did they renew the tests every two years? By who?What happen to that person that teach the EMT course?Did you read about that on MedfordPatch? To save an old person to not to get into a shock,the first thing the EMT technician should do is to lift up her feet and place it over a block ,turn her head at one side and add a blanket on top of her to keep her warm. Oh by the way,this patient did got her first chest x-ray on the first night that she was admitted to the ER the very first time,not the second time. It was on the Medicare bill statement.They didn't say a word about her chest x-ray until a week later at the ER at the second time.Tell me ,how she got the pneumonia later? Guess.Do you think that the medical staffs should know better that old patients should be prevent to avoid exposure from persons who are ill with the respiratory infection in the first place when they are admitted to the hospital?
ella watson July 28, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Upset, Sounds like you went to hell and back. With the outbreak of different "flu strains" and the recent massachusetts epidemic of" whooping cough" around the country..I thought everyone with any respiratory anything..even the sniffles HAD to put on a surgical mask. The signs are posted at every entrance. Go back to the hospital and see if there is a sign or not. Take pictures either way. file a complaint with the Local Board of Health... They are in charge of public safety. Then send a letter to the Hospital dept. of patient care. You need to start a paper trail..of who you speak with. If you don't get any satifaction with what they tell you. Send that info to the "State Board of Health". If you don't mind me asking?? what Hospital are you referring to? Good luck...if this is really going on...we will all need it.
RS Connor August 22, 2012 at 08:54 PM
It is not ASSISTED SUICIDE. It is the killing of a person. It is ASSISTED MURDER. I oppose this Bill/Ballot question, and if people choose to do this - there is no way that a Physician should be involved. The whole Bill/Question is built around a LIE. If people think it is such a good idea then why is SUICIDE not the entry for the cause of death on the death certificate? That WILL be what ends the person's life - - not the terminal illness that is afflicting them. For those of you supporting this heinous action - why not put SUICIDE on the D.C.? Isn't it a bit like a person diagnosed with a terminal illness getting into a fatal car accident and still putting their illness as the cause of death? If there is nothing "wrong with it," ask yourself why it is not listed as the cause.
RS Connor August 22, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Of course DNR can be done (or actually "not done") at home with loved ones. There is a distinct difference between not going through extraordinary measures to try to bring someone back that has passed away, naturally - - as compared to intentionally accelerating the death of someone. The difference is between not performing CPR and giving someone 100+ pills to swallow. At least I would hope that people can see the difference between "do not try to bring me back if I pass away in my sleep" as compared to "please put a pillow over my face..."


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