October 22-30 is Teen Anti-Drug Week

This week is teen anti-drug week sponsored by the Above the Influence Club.

Medford Middle Schools students are letting their voices be heard. The Above the Influence Club is celebrating Red Ribbon Week by creating awareness in their school. Students are standing up against alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and violence. This year’s slogan is “It’s up to ME to be drug FREE” and they are asking the community to help them celebrate and recognize the week of October 22-30, 2011.

Red Ribbon Week is a campaign for communities and individuals to take a stand for the hopes and dreams of our children through a commitment to drug prevention and education. Amy Deterding is a guidance counselor at the McGlynn Middle School and has started the Above the Influence Club. According to McGlynn she is, "very excited" to have started this club. The students have jumped right in and taken responsibility for this project, and are all very enthusiastic.”

The club consists of students from the McGlynn and Andrews Middle Schools. In honor of Red Ribbon week the students will project a strong, unified, positive message that will help others hear their voice and take a stand towards creating a drug free community. Most students do not get involved in drinking or drugs and it is important to the Above the Influence Club to help their peers’ recognize this. Their message is that being yourself is good enough, and staying above negative influences will help you reach your goals. The students want everyone to have caring relationships, set high expectations, and participate in meaningful activities that will increase a young person’s decision to make healthy choices. Andrews Middle School principal, Mr. D’Alleva said he is, “honored that our students are standing up for what they believe in, and we hope that they have a positive influence on their peers.”

Beginning on Monday both middle schools will be giving morning announcements on Red Ribbon week facts and other drug facts to create awareness. Students will also ask for their peers’ participation in lunch time activities. Tuesday students will “Wear Something Red” to school, Wednesday the club will be selling handmade red ribbons and bow ties to wear, Thursday they will be painting red ribbons on faces, and Friday each student will have the opportunity to dip their hand in red paint and pledge their support by leaving their hand print on a large poster.

For more information contact: Amy Deterding @ adeterding@medford.k12.ma.us


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