Video: Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Talks Pension Reform, Health Care, Deficits in Medford

Haynes: "There isn't a union in this state that doesn't want to have pension reforms."

Massachusetts' AFL-CIO President Robert Haynes was the guest speaker at Wednesday night's Medford Democratic Committee meeting.

Scroll through the videos to the right to hear what he had to say.

Here's some excerpts from a few of his talking points:

: "All I want to do is go sit with Mikey McGlynn and say, Mikey, here's what our firefighters and teachers and police officers and public employees want. We want to have this co-pay and this deductable and we want to cover this and not that. That's what we want. Pretty simple proposition."

"All we want to do is sit at the table. If we don't come to an agreement with Michael McGlynn, then pick an arbitrator."

"They don't represent you and me, they represent business people in this community. But you read the Boston Globe and you read the Boston Herald and you listen to the news, you would think they were representing you. They don't represent you -- they hate unions."

: "There isn't a union in this state that doesn't want to have pension reforms."

"I represent the people that go to work every day that fight the fires and teach your kids and clean up your streets and make sure water gets delivered to your house. We're not in favor of any scams, we want to close those gaps."

: "It's just a red herring. It's just to distract us from the real truth, the real problem of what's going on in our economy."

: "There's no relationship relative to collective bargaining between states that have collective bargaining and states that don't relative to their budget deficit."


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