Fifty Days to Election 2013: A SENSE OF URGENCY

     In Hollywood the producers fight to get the word out about their respective TV shows. The buzz before the launch date - the commercials and social media - cross-pollination designed to cover all the bases.

50 days to election 2013


     Medford, Massachusetts has not seen a political earthquake.  With less than eight weeks to election day, a little less than two months, down to fifty days before November 5th, one would think there would be more activity.

     There's one sign for Anthony D'Antonio that I've seen.  It's on my lawn. It's been up since the McGlynn sign went up in Haines Square a couple of months back.  Jimmy Morse has a sign in Medford Square near Carroll's Restaurant and his campaign headquarters.  I've seen a Mark Crowley sign and heard that Adam Knight has a big poster near the Stop & Shop superstore.  In West Medford on Boston Ave Neil Osborne has a huge sign...and a car with an Osborne license plate.  Sure hope McGlynn's coattails are big enough for Neil because he appears to have borrowed Bob Maiocco's huge mirror and is lost in the image of himself.

   Note to Mr. Osborne, should you win, please don't spend all the time that Robert Maiocco has spent fixing his tie, combing whatever hair he has left, and searching for Cecil B. DeMille in Alden Chambers.  Mr. DeMille died on January 21, 1959.  There's only one video guy in town and we're not doing a remake of the  1950 movie Sunset Boulevard. You won't be the next Gloria Swanson with that classic line

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up,"

     We'll be taping a new film - The Punk From Sunset Ave and the line will be  oh, neveryoumind,  why digress when things are going so smoothly.

     Without a public access TV station in Medford Neil Osborne can't get to see himself on TV.  Which is probably a good thing because he might just spend all his time lost in the moment and not get out there to campaign. But the rest of you who don't have Bob Maiocco-itis and love to hear yourselves speak better get your act together, the days to November are dwindling at 90 miles per hour.

   (the WE GET MAIL department; thank you for the tips from the anonymous e mailer with info on a candidate.)

   No disrespect to Mr. Osborne or any other candidates.  This is the business of politics and we need to know where you stand if you want to "govern" us, legislate on our behalf and all that other supposedly good stuff.

     Did you hear the one about the body builder / Boston fire inspector Albert Arroyo who lost his $81,000 a year job after declaring himself disabled?      Guess who his attorney was?

Fraser received the new information from Arroyo attorney Neil Osborne about noon, said MacDonald.

Osborne could not be reached for a comment after …


   Could not be reached for comment.  That's like Councilor Paul Camuso on September 10th when our City Council with exorbitant and obscene paychecks held a vote and Camuso was caught (by yours truly and by his uncle, Bob Maiocco) running out of Alden Chambers because he was too afraid to make his position known on the issue.  THAT people, is exactly why Mr. Camuso needs to be voted out of office, and why Mr. Osborne's work as a "discrimination attorney" (or so he told me) needs to be looked at properly.


   How about February 2006, let's go to closing argument at a trial: 

In his closing argument, (Neil) Osborne asked how many customers walked through the gate on the day the employees decided to enforce the customer of size policy. "Would they have done the exact same thing if my client were a white woman?" he said.

New England | Saturday, February 11, 2006 CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A jury on Friday said Southwest Airlines did not racially discriminate against an overweight passenger when she was asked to buy a second seat on her flight.

   This is stunning because in his own community Neil Osborne KNOWS about the multiple allegations of discrimination at Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. and we haven't seen the attorney speak out at the City Council and do the right thing for Medford.  Let's go back to the trial that he lost, he sounds like TV3 trying to put a spin on a spectacular failure:

Her lawyer, Neil Osborne, said he believed that her lawsuit is the furthest a discrimination case against Southwest has gotten.

Right, Neil.  Turn on channel 3 right now and come up with an excuse for that.
   How about just last year, June 2012, another loss for Neil Osborne

Former Lynn mayoral aide’s lawsuit dealt a blow

LYNN — A discrimination suit filed by former mayoral aide Gardy Jean-Francois against Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy all but fell apart Wednesday during a hearing with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, according to city attorney George Markopoulos.

Jean-Francois on Thursday declined to comment on Wednesday’s hearing as did his attorney, Neil Osborne.

“Maybe [we will comment] sometime in the future but we’re happy with the process right now,” said Osborne.

     Yikes!    Neil's three for three according to these articles. 

     Maybe NOT having Neil Osborne fight for us in regards to the access TV channel is a good thing, given the above information.  But the real question is, why isn't Neil Osborne complaining to Michael J. McGlynn about the lack of a public access TV station for himself.  It IS A DISCRIMINATION CASE,  discrimination against 57,000 or more people by a selfish Mayor who is the sole "Iussing Authority" over the matter. This is a case Neil Osborne CAN win.  But he would have to go after a 26 year incumbent to do so, and we just don't think he has the desire to do so.

     So why should we vote for a discrimination attorney who has turned a blind eye to city-wide discrimination that he personally told me that he is aware of?    Carl Sciortino, Neil Osborne and Sgt. Schultz from the law firm of Sciortino, Maiocco, Osborne and Schultz.  Written on their door: "We know Nothing...NOTHING."

   Where is the sense of urgency in this election?  I don't feel it from any of the current crop of candidates. Do you?

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