UPDATED: Framingham Teachers Picketing in Freezing Temperatures

On one of the coldest days of the year, members of the Framingham Teachers Association plan to picket in front of Barbieri Elementary, Cameron Middle, Dunning Elementary and Framingham High School Thursday morning.

Editor's Note: Updated with photo at 7:31 a.m. Patch has more photos in a slideshow here.


On one of the coldest days of the year, members of the Framingham Teachers Association plan to picket in front of Barbieri Elementary, Cameron Middle, Dunning Elementary and Framingham High School Thursday morning, Jan. 24 before school.

The Association has been without a contract since August 31 and has been very public with its unhappiness with administration and the School Committee. The teachers negotiated a one-year contract the year before.

Administration and members of the Framingham Teachers Association are scheduled to meet with a mediator today, said Association President Sam Miskin, a high school teacher.

That cancelled session led to a union vote, that left some high school students without extra help afterschool just before mid-term exams. High School students are taking mid-term exams this week.

Tuesday night at the School Committee meeting, Superintendent of Schools Stacy Scott said he remains "optimistic" that a contract can be reached soon.

"Teachers are still on the job and doing their work," said Scott. "Hopefully, we will get a settlement as soon as possible."


This was the second time in six months the union brought a large number of its

Negotiations are typically held behind closed doors.

Some after-school clubs at the elementary and high school level have been cancelled, too.

Some member of the teachers' union picketed at Cameron Middle School Wednesday, said Miskin.

Last week Cameron Middle teachers met with their union and after the meeting Principal Judith Kelly sent this email to parent "...teachers met with their union representatives. I was not privy to this meeting but the outcome was that the teachers will no longer help students during lunch periods. As you know almost all our teachers have been offering extra help five days a week during their own lunch periods for students to be re-taught information or to get individual assistance with homework and difficult curriculum. This will no longer be the case. They are in the midst of negotiating a contract, as many of you know. Until a contract has been settled they will not assist students during their lunch periods. I wanted to make you aware of this new development. We all hope for a speedy negotiation."

Brad Evans January 28, 2013 at 03:41 PM
so the signs were out again today at the HS... I dropped off at 7:13... So all the teachers who were outside weren't in their classrooms at 7;15 - So I guess its on like Donkey Kong....Stacy - you are so correct about the teachers. Those who stand to benefit the most from this contract are those that have been their the least - lets remember not a dime of the COLA, step or lane increases are at all related to performance in the classroom. Perhaps the FTA would agree to these items, with the COLA subject to performance review. What a concept.. get a raise for performing your job better than expected, a decrease or no increase if you dont.....
Stacy January 28, 2013 at 05:21 PM
I am shocked that the parents of Framingham are not more outraged with the teachers of Framingham. Yes, we all understand they want a new contract. Why does that mean a different contract then last year? I honestly feel some of these teachers should be happy to just get a contract. Let’s just think about this a little more. How many other private sector workers are happy they have a job right now? Are they upset they are not getting a raise? Sure I am, but I am also happy that I am working (yes probably 80 hours a week) and that I am getting a paycheck at all. I am upset that these kids are being subjected to listening to all these teachers complain on a daily basis. If I went into work and whined to everyone I would be let go allowing the next person in line to get my job.
Stacy January 28, 2013 at 05:22 PM
Father of 3…lets talk about a few things…in the big picture what exactly is 30 minutes? How many times have other types of employees had to stay after work 30 minutes? Maybe 60 minutes? I’m sure 30 minutes is a small price to pay so that child or children understand the homework a little better but then again it’s not really about the children is it? Your wife probably gets paid about $70-$80 grand a year for about 9 months worth of work whether that is a 40 hour work week or 60. (Most others work about 70 hours nowadays in this country) She also gets her summers off and all school vacations so that your children don’t have to be put into fulltime daycare of camp. A big savings I’m sure. And let’s not forget benefits… You are probably getting your benefits through her employment because we all know how great her benefits are meaning now your paycheck is bigger and your benefits are great. 3 kids lucky you because again you are not paying half as much for dental or medical for those three kids because they are also covered under her insuance. So father of 3 next time you want to call a parent out use your real name and don’t hide behind your wife because really it seems you use your wife enough these days.
Brad Evans January 28, 2013 at 06:03 PM
I also think that could be a great teaching moment - to talk about the history of unions/collective bargaining etc - a great topic to talk about in HS social studies or even middle school social studies. Talk about in conjunction with reading The Jungle and other relevant topics or a discussion on Gandhi, MLK and other similar battles. Its a sad statement when my child comes home and doesn't understand the process (all they get is that the teacher has chosen to not help them any longer). Much like an election year could be a great teachable moment about the electoral process in the US (and sadly again many students don't talk about that anymore - some teachers do but many do not). Rather than all the he-said/she said, perhaps the teachers would best serve their cause if they continued to teach the way they want, and not take orders from union leadership - that would be true teaching.
Brad Evans January 28, 2013 at 06:09 PM
Oh, and Father of 3, forgive us for wanting our children to understand the material that is being taught. Isn't that the role of a teacher? Many of us parents don't understand algebra/calculus/chemistry/etc and are unable to assist our kids. I dont think its any parent thinks it an entitlement. No one has ever forced the teachers to stay and help - most do it out of the goodness of their hearts and I think in doing that, they have helped them gain a great and well-deserved reputation for excellence - they go the extra mile for students - but clearly now, as evident by the actions, it really isn't about them, its about the money.


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