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Medford, Mohegan Sun Come to Terms

Kickball Whiz Kids

Medford kids know how to kick ball!

"It was the most fun I've had in years," reported the lone spectator at EMARC's Family Kickball.

EMARC offers Family Kickball as a summer program for its members, and families from Medford, Reading, North Reading, and other surrounding cities meet on Thursday nights for some friendly gamesmanship. This year there has been record attendance at Kickball, and enough families from Medford alone that Medford was its own team.

Initial concerns that Medford had a greater number of younger players and would need some help came to nothing.  Well, they came to 33 runs against 10, and the decision that Medford families will be distributed between both teams next time.

Alisha Spires, who attends McGlynn Middle School, reported that her favorite part of kickball was "kicking the ball." In this mixed-ability grouping, the emphasis is on fun and sportsmanship. Rules are loosely applied to those who need more help, and the chatter is strictly positive.

Medford was proud of its victory though. As 6-year-old Thomas Parr ran to home, he was shouting "I scored a point for our team! I scored a point for our team!"

The families laughed and enjoyed themselves for the entire 90 minutes. These Whiz Kids are working on their skills and being team players, and they've found a nurturing place to have family fun. They'll bring it again next Thursday.

If you're interested in Family Kickball or just want to learn more about EMARC, call 781 942-4888.


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