Medford High Athletes Club Hands Out Scholarships, Awards

Student athletes in Medford were recognized last week.

The following is courtesy of Medford High School:

The M-Club, Medford High School's varsity student-athlete club, held its annual banquet last Thursday.  The following students won the major scholarship awards:

Hellen V. Ellard Award- Jaime deRosas $1000

Clorinda Saragosa Award- Jackie Pellechia

Richard J. Phelan Award- Larry Keating $1000

William “Bud” Edgerly Award- Anthony Tortora

Ken Cooper Memorial Scholarship- Rachel Keen, Brian Enos $200 ea.

MHS Coaches Award- Christine Feeley, Chris Bucknam

Steve Miller Scholarship— John McGreevey $300

Friends of MHS Sports Award- Roger Zurawicki, Kathryn Ellersick

J. Harry Smith Memorial Award- Emily Welch

Friends of Angel Torres Award- Mike Pizzi

Francis N. Pelosi Award- Olivia Timmins

Allyn “Bud” Stillman Award- John Dumbuya

Feeley Family Memorial Sports Scholarship— Rayanne Staude, Dan Costello $500 each

The Tony Lucci Golden Mustang Award- Billy Honeycutt

Mark Comfort Memorial Scholarship- Marc Aime

Ray Romano Memorial Trophy- Nick Olivier

Mustang Club Scholarships- Larry Keating & Jackie Pellechia


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