New Payment System for Medford School Meals

An electronic meal ID system is being put in place Jan. 23.

The Medford School District recently announced upcoming changes to its school meal payment system.

Starting Jan. 23, the school meal service in Medford schools will change to an electronic meal ID system. The district said this will replace the need for current paper tickets that can often get lost.

Here is more from the school district:

Students will continue to use their current ID number or Student ID Card that they have been using. This ID number will stay with the student until he/she graduates. Please encourage your student to make sure they have their ID card and to NOT give out their number.

Check prepayments are accepted and encouraged; simply place your child(s) ID number(s) on the check.

This money will be deposited into their meal accounts. At Breakfast or Lunch they will simply pick up their meal, punch in their ID number on the keypad, or scan their Student ID card and the money will be subtracted from their account. The High School may make a deposit anytime during the day but we encourage this before homeroom or at breakfast.

The amount of the prepayment deposit is entirely up to you; it can range from one day to a month, or even a year.

More information on the new program, as well as some frequently asked questions, can be read here in the district's announcement.


Cheryl Delafano January 14, 2013 at 04:53 PM


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