Serena Do: A Stand-Out Student

McGlynn Middle School can take pride in Serena Do, a truly superlative eighth grader.

McGlynn Middle School has some exceptional students, and Builders Club is a natural magnet for them. But even in Builders Club, eighth grader Serena Do stands out.

Serena joined Builders Club in the sixth grade, and credits it with giving her more confidence. “My experience in Builders Club has taught me to be more confident in myself. In a group, I grew more outgoing and honed my leadership abilities. Before, I was an introvert and always kept to myself. Becoming a part of the group made me feel more important and helped me develop.”

But somehow Builders Club with its fundraisers and activities isn’t enough for her. Serena is also involved in middle school orchestra and the McGlynn Chamber String Ensemble, where her group earned a gold medal. But wait; there’s more! Student Council! Lighting at the school talent show! National Junior Honor Society! News Studio!

On the weekends, she attends middle school programs offered by area colleges and universities. She explains, “I learn about a variety of topics, including advanced math, engineering, robotics, Photoshop, and cryptography.”

And for summer vacation? “This summer, I intend to join many camps and programs to keep myself busy. I am applying for a spot in a program for upcoming freshman girls interested in computer programming at BU, a volunteer position at the Museum of Science, and another volunteer position at the Winchester Hospital. I might also attend an orchestra camp to practice my violin in the summer.”

Serena isn’t worried about her transition to high school, where she plans to keep busy with honors classes, tennis or volleyball, Key Club, Student Council, and Asian Club.

And if you’re going into sixth grade, Serena has some advice for you.

“To the students entering middle school, I encourage them to join groups and clubs. Joining clubs will help you make friends and quickly adjust to life in middle school. It builds your leadership quality and prepares you for later life.”


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