Whiz Kid Antonio Is Moving Up

After a year of studying Tang Soo Do karate, Whiz Kid Antonio Bonaventura is moving to the big(ger) league.

Antonio Bonaventura is frequently in a uniform. He spends his school days in first grade at , and two afternoons a week, he dons the uniform of Salem Street Studio. After a year of study, Antonio has progressed to the next level.

Antonio has been studying Tang Soo Do with Master DiScipio and Ms. Bradlee at Salem Street Studio in the Tiny Tiger class for 4 to 6-year olds. His belt proudly displays three yellow stripes, which made him the highest ranking member of the Tiny Tiger class.

"I like doing the test," Antonio said.

He has two more level tests to go to earn his yellow belt, and he'll pursue that "with the big kids" in the 6 to 12-year old class. Besides working on his next belt, Antonio's other favorite in class is the obstacle course.

Antonio's a well-rounded guy who will bring the discipline and training of martial arts to activities like baseball and flag football. He'll apply the mental focus to writing, coloring and his other school work.

This tiger is no longer tiny.


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