How Do Your School Days Antics Compare to This Shirt?

With the Tufts President's recent decision to overturn the men's rowing team's suspension for wearing t-shirts with sexual innuendo, we're wondering if other folks in Medford have ever pushed the limits of good behavior at school.

The Tufts University Men's Rowing Team's t-shirts say, "check out our cox." 

For those who aren't familiar with rowing, "cox" is common shorthand for the name of one of the roles on a rowing team, the coxswain, who steers the boat and yells commands to the rowers. 

The team was first suspended, then , with the University's President citing the apologies they wrote, the current amount of time they had been suspended, and the "university’s commitment to an environment that supports free expression" as the basis for his decision.  

Medford readers, what kind of "free expression" did you participate in during your school days?  Did you keep your head down and your A's straight, or did you just happen to hang out with everyone who organized the senior class prank?  

Leave a comment and let us know just how troublesome you were.  And relax!  We won't tell the teacher, we swear.  

Tony Centrella May 06, 2012 at 12:28 AM
Give me a break. People have lost their sense of humor. Unless the person who was offended was a major financial contributor to the college, they should have told them to pound sand.
Kasey Hariman May 07, 2012 at 04:24 PM
I'm from Iowa, and a popular senior prank for high school seniors there is to borrow farm animals -- typically a single pig, but I've heard of goats being borrowed as well -- grease them up, and release them in the school. Anyone else recall their senior class's prank?


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